Disc 15 - Breaks vol. 2

Like it says on the box, volume two of "Breaks", meaning electro hip-hop, mostly instrumental, but some do have vocals.

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1984 – Breaks vol. 2
  1. Twilight 22: “Siberian Nights” from Siberian Nights 12'', Vanguard, 1984. Gordan Bahary (mixing, production, writer), Joseph Saulter (writing credit), Ray “Pinky” Velazquez (mixing, prodction)
  2. Davy DMX: “One For The Treble (Fresh) (Vocal Mix)” from One For The Treble 12'', Tuff City, 1984. David Reeves Jr. (mixing, production, writing credit), Herbie Jr. (mastering), Julian Herzfield (mixing, recording), Elai Tubo (mixing)
  3. Mr. Magic: “Magic's Message (There Has Got To Be a Better Way” from Magic's Message 12'', Posse Records 1984. Mr. Magic (vocals, co-production), Patrick Adams (mixing), Steven Rifkind (production), Spyder-D (editing, mixing, production), Rich Wainman (production)
  4. Eddie “D” featuring Galaxxy: “Cold Cash $ Money (Short Version)” from Cold Cash $ Money 12'', Pop Art Records, 1984. Eddie Drummond (writing credit), Lawrence Goodman (production, writing credit), Lawrence Lavon (mixing), Kaye Williams Jr. (mixing)
  5. Hashim: “We're Rocking The Planet” from We're Rocking The Planet 12'', Cutting Records, 1984. Hashim (performer, production), Jay Burnett (engineering), Amado Marin (production), Herb Powers Jr. (mastering), Steve Peck (engineering)
  6. The Masterdon committee: “Musicgram (Vocal)” from Musicgram 12'', Enjoy Records, 1984. Masterdon (drum programming), Bobby Robinson (production), J. Rodriguez (guitar)
  7. Arthur Baker: “Breaker's Revenge (Extended Vocal)” from Breaker's Revenge, Atlantic, 1984. Arthur Baker (arrangement, mixing, production), Gavin Christopher (vocals), The Latin Rascals (editing), Andy Wallace (engineering)
  8. Galaxxy: “Where's The Beat” from Where's The Beat 12'', Pop Art Records, 1984. Lawrence Goodman (arrangement, production)
  9. Imperial Brothers: “We Come To Rock” from We Come To Rock 12'', Cutting Records, 1984. Jerry Calliste Jr. (music, production), Jay Burnett (engineering), Luis Garcia (mixing), Aldo Marin (mixing, production), Amado Marin (production), Herb Powers Jr. (mastering)
  10. Free Style: “The Party Has Begun” from The Party Has Begun 12'', Music Specialists, 1984. “Pretty” Tony Butler (engineering, mixing, production), MF (mastering), Sherman Nealy (production)
  11. Divine Sounds: “What People Do For Money” from What People Do For Money 12'', Streetwave, 1984. Jerry Bloodrock (arrangement, mixing, production), Clark Jay (arrangement, mixing, production), John Jackosn (mixing)
  12. Great Peso & Mr. Nasty: “It's Time To Rock” from It's Time To Rock 12'', C.C.L. Records, 1984. Peso (music), Pumpkin (music), Julio Guina (production), J. Lyon (engineering), Aldo Marin (mixing, production), Scott Noll (engineering), Herb Powers Jr. (mastering), O. Rodriguez (mixing, production), Fantasy Three (special consultants)
  13. The Beat Box Boys: “Einstein” from Einstein 12'', Telefon Records, 1984. Bobby Orlando (produstion)