Apologies for the prolonged hiatus. More mp3 discs with music from 1984 will be posted in a month's time or so. The delay has nothing to do with lack of good music -- I've several discs more or less ready, including new volumes of jangle, fringe and others. Your host (that's me) is simply occupied writing a thesis, which is due in November.

Meanwhile, enjoy this great (if grainy and out-of-sync, admittedly) clip of Minutemen performing "Little Man With a Gun in His Hand" with Charlie Haden at McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa monica (1984).


Disc 13 - Compass vol. 1

"Compass" collects (mostly) non-rock based music from areas around the world outside of North-America and Europe (though some of these artists may have been based and recording in European countries at the time). The compass helped us find this music (yes, we could have called it "map"), and it also allows us to avoid a slightly more controversial term (which we shall not mention here). Enjoy!

Download 1984 - Compass vol. 1: Link 1, Link 2, or Link 3.

(Streaming is not available at the moment. I'm working on it.)

1984 – Compass vol. 1

  1. Rubén Blades y Seis del Solar: “Caminos Verdes” from Buscando America, Elektra, 1984. Ruben Blades (vocals, accoustic guitar, maracas, coro), Mike Viñas (bass, accoustic guitar, coro), Oscar Hernández (piano, Fender Rhodes), Ricardo Marrero (synt., perc., vibraphone, coro), Louie Rivera (bongos, perc., coro), Ray Adams (drums), Eddie Montalvo (perc., congas, coro), Ralph Irizarry (timbales, perc.)

  1. Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited: “Nyarara Mukadzi Wango” from Ndangarino, Shanachie, 1984. Thomas Mapfumo (vocals, guiatr). No other credits available.

  1. Tom Zé: “Mamar No Mundo” from Nave Maria, Phantom, 1984. Tom Zé (vocals). No other credits available.

  1. King Sunny Adé and His African Beats: “Ire” from Aura, Island, 1984. King Sunny Ade (lead guitar, lead vocals, bongos, congas), Jeyy Ihejejo (bass), Shino Abiodun (congas, backing vocals), John Akpan (rhytm guitar), Segun Ilori (guitar), Bob Ohiri (tenor guitar), Michael Babalola (maracas), Ganiyu Alashe (shekere), Ademola Adepoju (steel guitar), Alhaji Timmy Olaitan (talking drums), Femi Owomoyela, Jacob Ajakaiye, Niyi Falaye, Tunde Temiola (vocals).

  1. Barrington Levy: “Here I Come” from Here I Come 12'', London Records, 1984. Barrington Levy (vocals, mixing), Jah Crew (production), Jeff (mixing). No other credits listed.

  1. Manu Dibango: “Abele Dance” from Abele Dance 12'', Celluloid/Carrere, 1984. Manu Dibango (saxophone, vocals, synth.), Francis Mboppe (bass, vocals), Jean-Pierre Coco (congas, vocals), Jerry Malekani (guitar), Valery Lobe (percussion, vocals), Martin Meissonnier (production, synth.), Abdul Alafrez (synth.), Florence Titty (vocals, vocoder).

  1. African Image: “Isoka Liyatatazela (Uneasy Playboy)” from Roots (Izimpande), Grammavision, 1984. Tom Mkhize (arrangement, production), Glen Storm (arrangement, production). No other credits listed.

  1. Frankie Paul: “Pass the Tu-Sheng Peng” from Pass the Tu-Sheng Peng, Greensleaves, 1984. Frankie Paul (vocals), Sly Dunbar (drums), Willie Lindo (guitar), Robert Lyn (keyboards), Robbie Shakespeare (bass), Skully (percussion).

  1. Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey: “Gbebe Mi” from Solution, Stern's Africa, 1984. Chief Ebenezer Obey (vocals), Arigidi-Giwa Ojo, Ayo Bada, Bode Akinwowo, David Olaleye, Folorunsho Abiodun (chorus singers), Dele Akinyeju (1st bass guitar), Sammy Fayoseh (2nd bass guitar), Samson Ogunlade (congas), Sunday Fadugba (drums), Paul Tao (guitar), Yinusa Dauda (Hawaiian guitar), Abbey Koleosho (guitar), Francis Aluko (tenor guitar), Sikiru Adepoju (backing talking drum), Simeon Adeleke (lead talking drum), Akanbi Oloye (marracas), Alhaji Vasco Da Gama (clefts), Lamidi Akilapa, Mathew Oguntade, Yomi Samuel (other, performers).

  1. African Brothers Band: “Me Bisa” from Me Poma, Stern's Africa, 1984. Nana Kwame Ampadu I (lead vocals, guitar), Osei kofi (vocals, guitar), Jacob Osae (rhythm guitar), Elis Anane (drums), Kwasi Donkor (conga), Guy Opa (bass), Paul Arthur (vocals), Koo Foru (vocals, cowbell), Philip Dunu (shakeree), Nyarko Abronoma (vocals), Kwadjo Akwaboah (organ), Oscar (sax), Luis Hammond (trumpet).

  1. Les Ambassadeurs: “Mana Mana” from Les Ambassadeurs: Dance Music From West Africa, Rounder, 1984. Salif Keita (vocals) No other credits listed.

  1. Black Uhuru: “Black Uhuru Anthem” from Anthem, Island, 1984. Michael Rose (vocals), Duckie Simpson, Puma Jones (vocals, backing vocals), Robbie Shakespeare (bass), Sly Dunbar (drums), Mikey Chung (guitar), Radcliffe "Dougie" Bryan (guitar), Frankie Waul (keyboards), Darryl Thompson (guitar), Dean Fraser (sax.), Ronald "Nambo" Robinson (trombone), David Madden, Junior "Chico" Chin (trumpet). Note: there was a version of this album available in the UK late 1983. However, a new version surfaced in '84 with additional tracks, and it is now listed as a 1984 release in most discographies.

  1. Tabu Ley Rochereau: “King Sa” from Tabu Ley, Shanachie, 1984. Tabu Ley Rochereau (vocals, production. No other credits listed.

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Disc 12 - Jerk

"Jerk" refers to the jerky rhythms of much of the post-punk derived music here, as much as it cheekily mocks the moves that some may have tried to pull off as a way of dancing to it.

Download 1984 - Jerk: Link 1, Link 2, or Link 3.

(streaming not yet available)

1984 – Jerk

  1. Arto Lindsey & Ambitious Lovers: “Let's Be Adult” from Envy, Editions EG, 1984. Arto Lindsey (guitar, vocals), Peter Scherer (drum programming, DX-7, sampling, synclavier, synth. bass), Reinaldo Fernandes (agogo, drums, repenique, surdo, backing vocals), Anton Fier (Dmx programming), Duncan Lindsay (vocals), M.E. Miller (conga, Dmx, drum programming, drums, tom-tom, backing vocals)

  2. New Order: “Thieves Like Us” from Thieves Like Us 12'', Factory, 1984. Bernard Sumner (guitar, vocals), Peter Hook (bass), Stephen Morris (drums), Gillian Gilbert (synth.), Arthur Baker & New Order (production)

  3. Romeo Void: “A Girl In Trouble (Is a Temporaru Thing) (Dance Mix)” from A Girl In Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing) 12'', Columbia, 1984. Debra Iyall (vocals), Benjamin Bossi (saxophone), Aaron Smith (drums), Peter Woods (guitar), Frank Zincavage (bass)

  4. Scritti Politti: “Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)” from Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) 12'', Virgin/WEA, 1984. Green Gartside (vocals), Robbie Buchanan (synth.), Steve Ferrone (drums), David Frank (synth.), David Gamson (synth.), Paul Jackson Jr. (guitar), Ned Liben (Fairlight Assistance synth.), Fred Maher (synth.), Twantha Agee, B.J Nelson, Fonzi Thornton (backing vocals)

  5. 23 Skidoo: “Fuck You .G.I” from Urban Gamelan, Illuminated Records, 1984. Fritz Catlin (bamboo xylophone, drums, metal perc., perc.), Sketch (bass), Alex Turnbul (bamboo xylophone, bass, metal perc., trumpet), Johnny Turnbull (bass, conga, guitar, jug, kendhang, perc., tapes), The BosweLLs (mixing)

  6. Cirkus Modern: “S/M” from Cirkus Modern, Sonet, 1984. Jørn Christensen (guitar, bass), Helge Gaarder (vocals), Ola Snortheim (drums), Mari Wendelbo (keyboards)

  7. Way Of the West: “City For Lovers” from City For Lovers 7'', MCA Records, 1984. Pete Kearney a.k.a. Pete Carney (guitar, vocals), Dave Bonnefoy (drums, backing vocals), neil Rickarby (bass), Reid Savage (guitar) Probable line-up. No instr. credits on recording.

  8. Charles De Goal: “Technicolor” from Techincolor 7'', New Rose Records, 1984. C. D. G. (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, elec. Drums, piano, synth.), Anne-Marguerite Jacques (synth)

  9. Cabaret Voltaire: “Sensoria (12'' Mix)” from Sensoria 12'', Virgin, 1984. Cabaret Voltaire (production), Eric Random (tabla), Shikisha (backing vocals), Mark Tattersall (perc.)

  10. Shriekback: “Partyline” from Jam Science, Arista, 1984. Dave Allen (bass, vocals), Barry Andrews (keyboards, synth.), Carl Marsh (guitar, drum machine, synth., vocals), Luc Van Acker (guitar), Phil Butcher (bass)

  11. Orchestral Manoeuvers In the Dark: “Tesla Girls” from Junk Culture, Virgin, 1984. Martin Cooper (emulator, saxophone, keyboard, marimba), Malcolm Holmes (drums, elec. drums, perc., drum prog.), Paul Humphreys (vocals, synth., emulator, Korg, piano), Andy McCluskey (vocals, bass, guitar, synth, emulator)

  12. Tones On Tail: “Go (Club Mix)” from Lions / Go 12'', Beggars Banquet, 1984. Daniel Ash, Glenn Campling, Kevin Haskins.

  13. Sonic Architecture: “M-M-M-Manhattan” from M-M-M-Manhattan 12'', Blackmarket, 1984. Bill Buchen, Mary Buchen, Göran Andersson (production). Probable credits.

  14. 400 Blows: “Conscience” from … If I Kissed Her I'd Have to Kill Her First …, Illumintaed Records, 1984. Andrew E. Beer (performer), Robert Taylor (performer), Tony Thorpe (performer)

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Disc 11 - Groove vol. 1

"Groove" contains, well, groovy music. Soul, R&B and the like. What did you expect?

Download 1984 - Groove vol. 1: Link 1, Link 2 or Link 3.

(streaming not yet available)

1984 – Groove vol. 1

  1. Asford & Simpson: “Solid” from Solid, Capitol Records, 1984. Mickolas Ashford (vocals), Valerie Simpson (vocals, synth.), Francisco Centeno (bass), Vinnie Della-Rocca (saxophone), Sid McGinnis (guitar), Joe Mosello (trumpet), Chris Parker (drums), Jimmy Simpson (perc.), Ed Walsh (synth. Progaramming). Credits for this track only.

  1. Sade: “Smooth Operator” from Diamond Life, Epic, 1984. Sade Adu (vocals), Paul Cooke (drums), Paul S. Denman (bass), Martin Ditcham (perc.), Dave Early (drums, perc.), Andrew Hale (keyboards), Stewart Matthewman (saxophone), Gordon Matthewman (trumpet), Terry Bailey (add. trumpet)

  1. Mtume: “Prime Time” from You, Me and He, Epic, 1984. James Mtume (keyboards, vocals), Tawatha (guitar, vocals), Steve Becker (drums), Clarence Brice (guitar), Gary Cooper (backing vocals), Philip Field (keyboards, backing vocals), Raymond Jackson (bass, backing vocals), Curt Jones (guitar, backing vocals), Kevin Robinson (guitar, backing vocals), Ira Siegel (rhythm guitar), Frank Elmo, Jimmy Heath & Stan Harrison (horns), Bernie Worell, David Frank & Dunn Pearson (add. Synth.), Angel Colon & Kirth Atkin (scratching)

  1. Chaka Khan: “I Feel For You” from I Feel For You, Warner Bros., 1984. Chaka Khan (vocals), Steve Ferrone (drums), David Frank (keyboards, synth., DMX prog.), Paul Pesco (guitar), Philippe Saisse (synth.). Credits for this track only.

  1. Jocelyn Brown: “Somebody Else's Guy” from Somebody Else's Guy 7'', Liberation Records, 1984. Jocelyn Brown (vocals). No other credits available.

  1. Force M.D.'s: “Let Me Love You” from Love Letters, Tommy Boy Music, 1984. Antoine Lundy, Rodney Lundy, Stevie D. Lundy, Mercury Nelson & Trisco Pearson (vocals). Lengthy credits list available at Allmusic.com.

  1. The Temptations: “Treat Her Like a Lady” from Treat Her Like a Lady / Isn't the Night Fantastic 7'', Motown/Gordy, 1984. Melvin Franklin (vocals), Richard Street (vocals), Ron Tyson (vocals), Otis Williams (vocals), Ali-Ollie Woodson (vocals, keyboards). No other credits available.

  1. Thelma Houston: “You Used To Hold Me So Tight” from Qualifying Heat, MCA Records, 1984. Thelma Houston (vocals). David Eiland (saxophone), Jimmy Jam (synth., drum prog., backing vocals, production), Terry Lewis (bass, guitar, backing vocals, production). Monte Moir (drum prog., guitar, backing vocals), Lucia Newell & Gwedndolyn Taylor (backing vocals). Credits for this track only.

  1. Teddy Pendergrass with Whitney Houston: “Hold Me” from Love Language, Asylum Records, 1984. Whitney Houston (vocals), Teddy Pendergrass (vocals). Lengthy credits list available atAllmusic.com.

  1. Rose Royce: “Magic Touch” from Magic Touch 12'', C&R Records, 1984. Ricci Benson (vocals), Kenji Brown (backing vocals), Kenny Copeland (trumpet, vocals), Robert Daniels (backing vocals), Freddie Dunn (trumpet), Bobby Eli (guitar), Henry Garner (drums), Laquient Jobe (bass), Bryan Loren (Emulator, keyboards), Grant McAvoy (drum prog.), Walter McKinne (guitar), Michael Moore (saxophone), Michael Nash (keyboards)

  1. Kid Creole & the Coconuts: “My Male Curiosity” from My Male Curiosity 7'', Atlantic, 1984. August Darnell (vocals, composer). No other credits available.

  1. Ollie & Jerry: “Breakin'... There's No Stopping Us Now” fromBreakin'... There's No Stopping Us 12'', Polydor, 1984. Ollie Brown (vocals, drums, production), Jerry Knight (bass, vocals), John Jellybean Benitez (mixing), Jhn Dougherty (mixing)

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Disc 10 - Rattle vol. 2

Rattle vol. 2 continues where Rattle left off.

Download 1984 - Rattle vol. 2: Link 1, Link 2 or Link 3.

(streaming not yet available)

1984 – Rattle vol. 2

  1. The Tall Dwarfs: “The Brain That Wouldn't Die” from Slugbuckethairybreathmonster EP, Flying Nun Records, 1984. Alec Bathgate (bass, guitar, vocals), Chris Knox (guitar, keyboards, loops, vocals)

  1. The DoubleHappys: “Others Way” from Double B-Side 7'', Flying Nun Records, 1984. Shayne Carter (vocals, guitar), john Collie (drums), Wayne Elsey (bass)

  1. The Things: “I Won't Be There” from Coloured Heaven, Voxx, 1984. Steven Crabtree (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Roy Mconald (drums, perc.), Pete Rouch (bass, vocals), Andre Garcia (guitar)

  1. The Wild Flowers: “Melt Like Ice” from The Joy of It All, Reflex Records, 1984. David Atherton (guitar, keyboards), Neal Cook (vocals, guitar), David Fisher (drums), David Newton (guitar), Peter Waldron (bass), Firker (brass), Tate (brass)

  1. The Verlaines: “Pyromaniac” from 10 O'Clock in the Afternoon, Flying Nun Records, 1984. Jane Dodd (bass, organ, backing vocals), Graeme Downes (guitar, oboe, violin, vocals), Robbie Yates (drums, perc.)

  1. The Fleshtones: “Hall of Fame” from American Beat '84 12'', I.R.S., 1984. Peter Zaremba (vocals, harmonica, perc.), Keith Streng (guitar, vocals), Bill Milhizer (drums), Jan Marek Pakulski (bass), Gordon Spaeth (organ, harmonica, saxophone)

  1. Katarina II: “Vrt” from Katarina II, ZKP RTVL, 1984. Milan Mladenovic (guitar, vocals), Dragomir Mihailovic (guitar), Bojan Pecar (bass), Margita Stefanovic (keyboards, vocals), Ivan Vdovic (drums, perc.), Mario Celik (congas)

  1. The Bats: “By Night” from By Night 12'', Flying Nun Records, 1984. Malcolm Grant (drums), Paul Kean (bass, backing vocals), Robert Scott (vocals, guitar, piano), Kaye Woodward (guitar, 12-string guitar, vocals)

  1. The Wind: “You'll Never Live Before Your Time” from The Guest of the Staphs EP, Cheft Records, 1984. Lane Steinberg (guitar, vocals), Steven Katz (bass, vocals), Steven Burdick (drums)

  1. The Young Fresh Fellows: “This Little Mystery” from The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest, PopLlama, 1984. Chuck Carroll (guitar, vocals), Tad Hutchinson (drums), Sled McCaughey (bass, vocals)

  1. The Pandoras: “It's About Time” from It's About Time, Voxx Records, 1984. Bambi Conway (bass, backing vocals), Casey Gomez (drums), Gwynne Kelly (organ, backing vocals), Paula Pierce (lead vocals, guitar)

  1. The Reverbs: “Envisions Seven Seeds” from The Happy Forest, Enigma Records/Metro America, 1984. Eric Menck (performer), John Brabeck (performer)

  1. The Rip: “The Holy Room” from A Timeless Peace, Flying Nun Records, 1984. Alastair Galbraith (guitar, vocals), Jeff Harford (drums), Robbie Muir (bass)

  1. Television Personalities: “The Painted Word” from The Painted Word, Illuminated Records, 1984. Dan Treacy (vocals), Mark Flunder (bass), Joseph James Foster (guitar), Mark Sheppard (drums)

  1. Klaus Mitffoch: “Siedzi” from Siedzi / Tutaj Wesolo 7'', Tonpress, 1984. Lech Janerka (bass, vocals), Wojtek Konikiewicz (keyboards), Wiesiek Mrozik (guitar), Krysztof Pociecha (guitar), Marek Puchala (drums)

  1. The Pogues: “Boys From the County Hell” from Red Roses For Me, WEA International, 1984. James Fearnley (accordion), Jem Finer (banjo), Shane MacGowan (vocals, guitar), Cait O'Riordan (bass), Andrew Ranken (drums), Spider Stacy (tin whistle)

  1. Thee Milkshakes: “I'm Needing You” from They Came, They Saw, They Conquered, Big Beat Records, 1984. John Agnew (bass), Bruce Brand (drums, vocals), Billy Childish (guitar, vocals), Micky Hampshire (guitar, vocals)

  1. Kino: Последний герой (The Last Hero) from Nachalnik Kamchatki, Moroz Records, 1984. Viktor Tsoi (vocals, guitar), Igor Butman (saxophone), Vsevolod Gakkel (cello, drums), Boris Grebenschchikov (drum machine, keyboards), Georgii Gur'yanov (perc.), Yurii Kasparyan (guitar), Sergey Kuryokhin (keyboards), Aleksandr Titov (bass, perc.), Petr Troshchenkov (perc.)

  1. Dzeltenie Pastnieki: “Hercogienes dziesma” from Alise, Ingus Bauskenieka ieraksti, 1984. (no credits available)

  1. Echo & the Bunnymen: “The Killing Moon” from Ocean Rain, Korova/Sire, 1984. Pete De Freitas (drums), Ian McCulloch (vocals), Les Pattison (bass), Adam Peters (piano, cello), Will Sergeant (lead guitar)

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Disc 9 - Dust

"Dust" collects music that by history, origin, connotation (or, in a few instances, joke) is associated with the more rural parts of society. You say there's dust in cities too? Hogwash!

Download 1984 - Dust: Link 1, Link 2 or Link 3.

(Streaming is not yet available).

1984 – Dust

  1. Los Lobos: “I Got Loaded” from How Will the Wolf Survive, Slash Records, 1984. Alex Acuna (perc.), Steve Berlin (harmonica, perc., baritone sax., soprano sax., tenor sax.), T-Bone Burnett (guitar, organ), David Hidalgo (accordion, bass, guitar, lap steel guitar, perc., vocals), Conrad Lozano (bass, guitar, guitarron, vocals), Louie Pérez (drums, guitar, quinto), Cesar Rosas (bajo sexto, guitar, mandolin, vocals), Oscar Rosas (banjo, guitar, mandolin, vocals)

  2. The Del-Lords: “How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live” from Frontier Days, EMI America, 1984. Eric Ambel (guitar, vocals), Manny Caiati (bass, vocals), Frank Funaro (drums, vocals), Scott Kempner (guitar, vocals)

  3. Blaze Foley: “Oval Room” from Blaze Foley, Vital Records, 1984. Blaze Foley (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Roger Clark (drums), Cal Freeman (steel guitar), Clayton Ivey (keyboards), Gurf Morlix (bass), John Willis (guitar, mandolin)

  4. John Prine: “Aimless Love” from Aimless Love, Oh Boy, 1984. John Prine (guitar, vocals) (The credits lists over twenty musician. I can't be bothered to write down all of them. See e.g. here for one list).

  5. Rank and File: “Saddest Girl In the World” from Long Gone Dead, Slash Records, 1984. Chip Kinman (vocals, guitar, harmonica, six string bass), Tony Kinman (bass, vocals), Peter Grant (pedal steel guitar, slide guitar, autoharp, banjo), Stan Lynch (drums, perc.), Jeff Ross (guitar)

  6. John Anderson: “Chicken Truck” from Chicken Truck 7'', Warner Bros., 1984. John Anderson (guitar, vocals). No other credits listed.

  7. Christine Lavin: “Cold Pizza for Breakfast” from Future Fossils, Palindrome Records, 1984. Christine Lavin (acoustic guitar, vocals), Mark Dann (bass, guitar, 12 string guitar, synth.), Paul Kaplan (harmonica), Andy Teirstein viola), Howie Wyeth (drums)

  8. George Strait: “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” from Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind, MCA Records, 1984. George Strait (vocals, guitar), Eddie Bayers (drums), Larry Byrom (guitar), Hank DeVito (steel guitar), Johnny Gimble (fiddle, mandolin), John Hobbs (keyboards), David Hungate (bass), Weldon Myrick (steel guitar), Randy Scruggs (steel guitar), Curtis Young (backing vocals), Reggie Young (guitar)

  9. John Fahey: “Sunset on Prince George's County” from Let Go, Varrick, 1984. John Fahey (guitar), Terry Robb (bass, bottleneck guitar, guitar)

  10. The Judds: “Mama He's Crazy” from Why Not Me, RCA/Curb Records, 1984. Naomi Judd (vocals), Wynona Judd (vocals), Eddie Bayers (drums), Mark Casstevens (guitar, harmonica), Sonny Garrish (dobro, steel guitar), Bobby Ogdin (piano), Don Potter (guitar), Gene Sisk (piano), Jack Williams (bass)

  11. The Del Fuegos: “I Should Be the One” from The Longest Day, London Records, 1984. Brent “Woody” Giessmann (drums, vocals), Tom Lloyd (bass, vocals), Dan Zanes (lead vocals, guitar), Warren Zanes (guitar), Jorge Bermudez (perc.), Mitchell Froom (keyboards)

  12. The Long Ryders: “Run Dusty Run” from Native Sons, Frontier Records, 1984. Des Brewer (bass, vocals), Sid Griffin (autoharp, bugle, guitar, harmonica, vocals), Steve McCarthy (banjo, guitar, steel guitar, keyboards, mandolin, vocals), Gerg Sowders (drums, perc., vibraphone), Tom Steven (bass, vocals), Gene Clark (guest vocals), Phil Kenzie (baritone sax., tenor sax.), Dave Pearlman (steel guitar, guitar)

  13. The Blasters: “Blue Shadows” from I Can Dream About You / Blue Shadows split 7'' w/ Dan Hartman, MCA Records, 1984. Dave Alvin (guitar), Phil Alvin (guitar, vocals), Bill Bateman (drums), John Bazz (bass). (Unknown piano player, likely Gene Taylor).

  14. Reba McEntire: “How Blue” from My Kind of Country, MCA Records, 1984. Reba McEntire (vocals). (Long-winded credits list can be found here).

  15. Ferron: “As Soon As I Find My Shoes I'm Gone” from Shadows on a Dime, Lucy Records, 1984. Ferron (acoustic guitar, vocals), Glen Hendrickson (drums), Brian Newcombe (bass), Dave Pikell (synth.), Brent Shindell (guitar), Adrienne Torf (synth.), Willow Wray (backing vocals), Brett Wade (guitar). Credits fro this track only.

  16. T-Bone Burnett: “Strange Combination” from Behind the Trap Door EP, Demon Records, 1984. T-Bone Burnett (guitar, vocals), Alex Acuna, Steve Berlin Stephen Burton, Reggie Fisher, David Kemper, David Mansfield, David Miner, Billy Swan (listed as unspecified “musicians” only)

  17. Nick Lowe: “Half a Boy and Half a Man” from Nick Lowe and His Cowboy Outfit, F-Beat, 1984. Nick Lowe (bass, guitar, vocals), Martin Belmont (guitar), Paul Carrack (keyboards, backing vocals), Bobby Irwin (drums, backing vocals). Additional musicians appear on other tracks.

  18. Cub Koda: “That's What I Like About The South” from That's What I Like About the South, Lolita, 1984. Cub Koda (guitar, vocals). No other credits available.

  19. Ricky Skaggs: “Country Boy” from Country Boy, Epic, 1984. Ricky Skaggs (fiddle, guitar, mandolin, violin, vocals), Eddie Bayers (drums), Bruce Burton (pedal steel guitar), Molly Bright (vocals), Dennis Burnside (piano), Jese Chambers (bass), Buddy Emmons (pedal steel guitar), George Grantham (drums), Lloyd Green (pedal steel guitar), Bobby Hicks (fiddle), Bill Monroe (mandolin), Joe Osborn (bass), Lou Reid (banjo, vocals), Gary W. Smith (piano), Crom Tidwell (kazoo), Buck White (piano)

  20. Nanci Griffith: “Spin On a Red Brick Floor” from Once in a Very Blue Moon, Philo Records, 1984. Nanci Griffith (acoustic guitar, vocals), Pat Alger (guitar, hi-string guitar), john Catchings (cello), Phil donnely (bird calls, guitar, sound effects), Stephen Doster (guitar), Béla Fleck (banjo), Denice Franke (vocals), Lloyd Green (dobro, pedal steel guitar), Mark Howard (guitar), Roy Husky (bass, upright bass), Lyle Lovett (vocals), Kenny Malone (drums, perc.), Terry McMillan (harmonica), Mark O'Connor (fiddle, mandola, mandolin, piccolo mandolin, violin), Raplh Vitello (piano, synth.)

  21. Vømmøl Spellemannslag: “Gravølet” from Vømmølåret, Plateselskapet AS, 1984. Hans “Kristian Schravlevold” Rotmo (vocals, lurk, fiddle), Hans “Konrad Vømmølbakken” Løkken (mandolin, saxophone, backing vocals), Leiv “Birger Skruddusvingen” Prestvik (bass, backing vocals), Geir “Peder Storvømmølvold” Solheim (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Carl Haakon Waadeland (drums), Tor Evensen (various inst.), Alf Erik Skille (keyboards)

  22. MDC: “Chicken Squawk” from Millions Of Dead Children 7'' a.k.a. Chicken Squawk 7'', R Radical Records / Twisted Chords, 1984. No credits listed.


Disc 8 - Breaks vol. 1

"Breaks" refers to what was called electro in the 80s. Hip-hop oriented beats and music, but without the raps (usually).

Download 1984 - Breaks vol. 1: Link 1, Link 2 or Link 3.

(Streaming is not yet available)

1984 – Breaks vol. 1

  1. Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown: “Unity Part 1 (The Third Coming)” from Unity 12'', Tommy Boy Music, 1984. Afrika Bambaataa (vocals, production), James Brown (vocals), Brian Banks (synth.), Chops (horns), Robin Halpin (synth.), Keith LeBlanc (drums), Skip McDonald (guitar), Anthony Marinelli (synth), Doug Wimbish (bass)

  2. Herbie Hancock: “Metal Beat” from Sound System, Columbia, 1984. Herbie Hancock (keyboards, production), D. ST. (turntables), Aiyb Dieng (perc.), Hamid Drake (perc.), Anton Fier (drums, Dmx programming), Bernard Fowler (voice), Henry Kaiser (guitar), Toshinori Kondo (trumpet), Bill Laswell (bass, Dmx programming), Daniel Ponce (perc.), Wayne Shorter (saxophone, lyricon), Nicky Skopelitis (guitar), Foday Musa Suso (xylophone, kora, kalimba)

  3. DST And Jalaludin M Nuriddin: “Mean Machine” from Mean Machine 12'', Celluloid, 1984. D. ST. (production), Material (ass. Production)

  4. Knights Of The Turntable: “Techno Scratch” from Techno Scratch 12'', JDC Records Inc. Jim Callon (production, engineer), Charles Lamont (keyboards)

  5. Egyptian Lover: “Egypt Egypt” from On the Nile, Egyptian Empire Records, 1984. Egyptian Lover (production, programming, synth., voice), Hanky Doing Panky (synth.)

  6. File 13: “Tastes So Good” from Taste So Good 12'', Profile Records, 1984. Double Dee (engineer, mixing), Arthur Ether (mixing), Dave Ogrin (engineer)

  7. World Class Wreckin' Cru: “Surgery” from Surgery 12'', Kru-Cut Records, 1984. Cli-N-Tel (voice), Donovan (engineer), Dr. Dre (scratching), Daniel Sofer (Dmx programming, keyboards)

  8. John Davis & Too Much: “Destination Earth” from Destination Earth, Metrovynil Records, 1984. John Davis (perfomer), Fred Fiore (production). No other credits listed.

  9. Pretty" Tony: “Jam the Box” fromJam the Box 12'', Music Specialists, 1984. “Pretty” Tony (production, mixing), Sherman Nealy (production)

  10. C-Jam & Kid Frost: “Commando Rock” from Command Rock 12'', Baja Records, 1984. Allen “The Lefty” Perada (music, scratching, production), Sniper (guitar), Dave Storrs (keyboards, production), Alien wizard (music)

  11. Megatwa Fatman: “Pants Too Tight” from Pants Too Tight 12'', Critique, 1984. Joe Carvello (mixing), Bill McKinney (production), Eric Morgeson (mixing, engineer)

  12. Unknown DJ & 3D: “Beatronic” from Beatronic 12'', Techno Hop Records, 1984. (Louis King (production), Andre Manuel (production)

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Disc 7 - Honk vol. 2

A follow up to Honk vol. 1, obviously. This time with a bit of spoken word, a band with seven bass players and one drummer, and some funky gumbo in addition to post-bop, free-bop, avant-garde and a real blow-out at the end.

Download 1984 - Honk vol. 2: Link 1, Link 2 or Link 3.

Stream 1984 - Honk vol. 2:

1984 – Honk vol. 2
  1. Geri Allen Trio: “A Celebration Of Life from Printmakers, Minor Music, 1984. Geri Allen (piano), Anthony Cox (double bass), Adrew Cyrille (drums)

  1. Khan Jamal Quartet: “Dark Warrior” from Dark Warrior, Steeplechace, 1984. Khan Jamal (vibraphone), Johnny Dyani (double bass), Leroy Lowe (drums), Charles Tyler (alto sax, baritone sax)

  1. World Bass Violin Ensemble: “Mwanga Rag” from Bassically Yours, Black Saint, rec. Dec. '82 and Jan. '83, rel. 1984. Thurman Baker (drums, perc.), Bob Cunningham, Brian Smith, Fred Hopkins, Greg Maker, Phil Bowler, Rick Rozie, Rufus Reid (all double bass)

  1. Wilber Morris / David Murray / Dennis Charles: “PCOP no 1” from Wilber Force, DIW Records, rec. Feb. 1983, rel. 1984. Wilber Morris (double bass), Dennis Charles (drums), David Murray (tenor sax, bass clarinet)

  1. Ronald Shannon Jackson w/Michael S. Harper: “Last Affair: Bessie´s Blues Song” from Pulse, (aka. Puttin' on Dog) Celluloid, 1984. Ronald Shannon Jackson (drums, vocals) with Onaje Allen Gumps (piano) & Michael S. Harper (voice) on additional tracks.

  2. Conjure: “Jes' Grew” from Music For the Texts o Ismael Reed, American Clavé. 1984. David Murray (tenor sax., vocals), Olu Dara (trumpet, backing vocals), Billy Hart (drums), Taj Mahal (guitar), Puntillo Orlando Rios (perc.), Steve Swallow (el. Bass), Jamaaladeen Tacuma (el. Bass), Allen Toussaint (piano), Don Jay (backing vocals), Ejaye Tracey (backing vocals) (credits for this track only)

  1. Ganelin Trio: “Sempilce (Part 2)” (excerpt) from Semplice, Мелодия, 1984. Vyacheslav Ganelin (piano, casiotone, horn, perc.), Vladimir Chekasin (alto sax, trombone, flute, perc.), Vladimir Tarasov (drums, perc.)

  1. Dave Holland Quintet: “Jumpin' In” from Jumpin' In, ECM, 1984. Dave Holland (bass), Steve Coleman (alto sax, flute), Julian Priester (trombone), Kenny Wheeler (trumpet, cornet, flügelhorn) pocket trumpet)

  1. Art Ensemble of Chicago: “Zero” from The Third Decade, ECM, 1984. Lester Bowie (trumpet, var. percussion, bass drum, flügelhorn), Malachi Favors (double bass, el. bass, melodica, var. percussion), Joseph Jarman (atlo sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet, clarinet, flute, var. wind instruments, var. perc.), Roscoe Mitchell (alto sax, baritone sax, tenor sax, bells, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, var. perc. & drums, synthesizer), Famoudou Don Moye (drums, var. perc. & drums)

  1. David Murray: “Morning Song” from Morning Song, Black Saint. rec. Sept. '83, rel. 1984. David Murray (tenor sax, bass clarinet), Ed Blackwell (drums), John Hicks (piano), Reggie Workman (double bass)

  1. Position Alpha: “Jagad av Jagger, jagad av Watts” from The Great Sound of Sound, Dragon, 1984. Mats Eklöf (clarinet, baritone sax, bass sax, trombone), Sture Ericson (flute, alto sax, soprano sax, tenor sax), Thomas Jäderlund (bass clarinet, flute, alto sax, soprano sax), Jonny Wartel (clarinet, alto sax, soprano sax, sopranino, trumpet), Jonas Åkerblom (alto horn, alto sax, baritone sax, soprano sax)

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Disc 6 - Jangle vol. 1

"Jangle" refers to up-beat, mostly undistorted guitar pop with a firm back beat. "But some of this could have fitted on the Rattle disc", you say. Oh, you do like to quibble, don't you.

Download 1984 - Jangle vol. 1: Link 1, Link 2 or Link 3.

Stream 1984 - Jangle vol. 1:

1984 – Jangle vol. 1

  1. Aztec Camera: “Still On Fire” from Knife, WEA/Sire, 1984. Roddy Frame (guitar, vocals), Martin Drover (trumpet), Guy Fletcher (keyboards, backing vocals), Campbell Owens (bass, backing vocals), Frank Ricotti (perc.), Malcolm Ross (guitar, backing vocals), David Ruffy (drums, backing vocals), Chris White (saxophone)

  2. dB's: “Lonely Is As Lonely Does” from Like This, Bearsville, 1984. Gene Holder (guitar, bass, keyboards), Peter Holsapple (guitar, mandolin, keyboards, vocals), Will Rigby (drums, perc., keyboards, vocals), Patrick Irwin (keyboards), Mark Tomeo (steel guitar), Rick Wagner (keyboards)

  3. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions: “Speedboat” from Rattlesnakes, Polydor, 1984. Neil Clark (guitar, acoustic guitar), Lloyd Cole (guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals), Blair Cowan (keyboards), Lawrence Donegan (bass), Stephe Irvine (drums, perc.)

  4. The Daintees: “Trouble Town” from Trouble Town 7'', Kitcheware Records, 1984. Martin Stephenson (guitar, vocals), Sam Brown (backing vocals). No other credits listed.

  5. The Smiths: “William, It Was Really Nothing” from William, It Was Really Nothing 12'', Rough Trade, 1984. Mike Joyce (drums), Johnny Marr (guitar), Morrissey (vocals), Andy Rourke (bass)

  6. Kirsty MacColl: “A New England” from A New England 7'', Stiff Records, 1984. Kirsty MacColl (vocals) No other credits listed.

  7. Hoodoo Gurus: “Tojo” from Stoneage Romeos, Big Time, 1984. James Baker (drums), Clyde Bramley (bass, vocals), Dave Faulkner (guitar, lead vocals, keyboards), Michael Farmer (additional perc.)

  8. The Go-Go's: “Head Over Heels” from Talk Show, I.R.S. Records, 1984. Charlotte Caffey (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Belinda Carlisle (vocals), Gina Schock (drums), Kathy Valentine (bass, guitar, vocals), Jane Wieldin (guitar, vocals)

  9. Any Trouble: “Old Before Your Time” from Wrong End Of the Race, Stiff Records, 1984. Phil Barnes (bass, saxophone, vocals), Clive Gregson (guitar, vocals), Steve Gurl (keyboards), Martin Hughes (drums, perc., vocals), Chris Parks (guitar), Billy Bremner (guitar, vocals), Alan Dunn (accordion, violin), Andy Ebsworth (drums) Ian Matthews (vocals), Gavin Sutherland (vocals), Ian Sutherland (vocals), Richard Thompson (guitar, vocals), Bobby Valentino (violin)

  10. Tracy Ullman: “You Caught Me Out” from You Caught Me Out, Stiff Records, 1984. Tracy Ullman (vocals), Steve Bloomfield, Robin Bolt ,B.J. Cole, John Canham, Stewart Curtis, Pandit Dinesh, Graham Edwards, Simon Edwards, Dion Estus, Richard Evans, Jakko, Dave Land, Judd Lander, Roger McKew, Charlie Morgan, Mark Nevin, Joe Partridge, Fred Percer, Gavin Povey, Andy Richards, Don Snow, Doug Tayor, Geraint Watkins, Paul Westwood, Paul 'Wix' Wickens, Terry Williams, Chris Wyles (musicians, unspecified), Margot Buchanan, Peter Collins, Mandy Dickinson, Kay Garner, Ruby James, Katie Kissoon, Shirley Lewis, Kirsty MacColl, Allison Thomas, Joy Yates (backing vocals)

  11. Julie Brown: “'Cause I'm A Blonde” from Goddess In Progress EP, Rhino, 1984. Julie Brown (vocals), Steve Appel (drums), Craig Berkinshaw (drums), Craig Hull (guitar), Dan Grenier (guitar), Kevin McCormack (bass), Chris Mostert (saxophone), Sterling Smith (keyboards, synth.), Jeff Steele (bass), Steven Thoma (keyboards, synth.), Nancy Bouche, Lorraine Feather, Linda Lawley, Leslie Livrano (backing vocals)

  12. Soda Stereo “Por Qué No Puedo Ser Del Jet-Set?” from Soda Stereo, Discos CBS, 1984. Charlie Alberti (drums), Zeta Bosio (bass, backing vocals), Gustavo Cerati (guitar, vocals), El Gonzo (saxophone), Daniel Molero (keyboards)

  1. The Jazz Butcher: “Girlfriend” from A Scandal In Bohemia, Glass Records, 1984. The Jazz Butcher/Pat Fish (vocals, guitar), David J (bass, vocals), Max Eider (guitar, vocals), Owen Jones (drums, vocals)

  2. Spongetones: “(My Girl) Maryanne” from Torn Apart, Ripete Record, 1984. Jamie Hoover (guitar, vocals), Steve Stoeckel (bass, vocals, guitar), Rob Thorne (drums, perc.), Pat Walters (guitar, vocals, keyboard)

  3. Dwight Twilley: “Girls” from Jungle, EMI America, 1984. Dwight Twilley (vocals, guitar, piano, backing vocals), Tom Petty (vocals), Susan Cowsill (backing vocals), Mike Baird (drums), Steve Forman (perc.), Craig Krampf (drums), Kenny Lewis (bass), Mike Campbell, Buzzy Feiten, John Hug, Craig Hull, Roger Linn, Jimmy May, Bill Pitcock IV, Sandy Stein, Richie Zito (guitar on unspecified tracks), Michael Boddicker, Steve Goldstein, George Michalski, Alan Pasqua, Barry Trop (keyboards on unspecified tracks)

  4. The Bangles: “Silent Treatment” from All Over The Place, Columbia, 1984. Susanna Hoffs (guitar, vocals), Debbi Peterson (drums, vocals), Vicki Peterson (guitar, vocals), Michael Steele (bass, vocals)

  5. X-Teens: “All Day Long” from Love And Politics, Dolphin, 1984. Robert Bittle (guitar, vocals), Todd Jones (keyboards, vocals), Kitty Moses (bass, vocals), Ned Robie (drums)

  6. Prefab Sprout: “Cruel” from Swoon, Kitchenware Records, 1984. Martin McAloon (bass, vocals), Paddy McAloon (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Wendy Smith (guitar, vocals), Grant Lant (drums)

  7. Tommy Keene: “Places That Are Gone” from Places That Are Gone EP, Dolphin Records, 1984. Tommy Keene (guitar, vocals), Billy Connely (guitar, vocals), Ted Niceley (bass), Doug Tull (drums)

  8. Style Council: “Headstart For Happiness” from Café Bleu, Polydor, 1984. Mick Talbot (clavinet, keyboards, organ, piano, synth., bass, vocals), Paul Weller (guitar, vocals, bass, flute, synth.), Chris Bostock (bass, double bass), Billy Chapman (saxophone), D.C. Lee (vocals), Hilary Seabrook (tenor sax.), Barbara Snow (trumpet), Tracey Thorn (vocals), Bobby Valentino (violin), Ben Watt (guitar), Peter Wilson (double bass, drum programming, drums)

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Disc 5 - Fringe

"Fringe" refers to various unclassifiable music: things that may or may not incorporate art-rock, jazz-influences, minimalism, improvisation, electronics, various techniques in modern composition or none of the above.

Download 1984 Fringe: Link 1, Link 2 or Link 3.

Stream 1984 Fringe:

1984 – Fringe

  1. Penguin Cafe Orchestra: “Heartwind” from Broadcasting From Home, Editions EG, 1984. David Defries (trumpet, flügelhorn), Simon Jeffers (acoustic guitar, guitar, bass, omnichord, harmonium, drums, piano, var. string instr., var. keyboard instr., var. perc.), Helen Liebmann (cello), Trevor Morais (var. perc.), Geoffrey Richardson (viola, bass, guitar, whistle), Gavyn Wright (violin), Ann Whitehead (trombone)

  2. Harlod Budd & Brian Eno: “Against the Sky” from The Pearl, Editions EG, 1984. Harlod Budd (piano, composition), Brian Eno (electronics, keyboards, composition, audio production), Daniel Lanois (audio production)

  3. Robert Quine & Fred Maher: “Summer Storm” from Basic, Editions EG, 1984. Fred Maher (bass, guitar, drum programming), Robert Quine (guitar, bass, drum programming)

  4. Vienna Art Orchestra: “Reflections On Severe Reprimande” from The Minimalism of Erik Satie, Hat Hut Records, 1984. Karl “Bumi” Fian (trumpet, flügelhorn), Hannes Kottek (trumpet, flügelhorn), Lauren Newton (voice), Wolfgang Puschnig (bass clarinet, alto sax, sopranino sax, flute), Christian Radovan (trombone), Wolfgang Reisinger (percussion), Mathias Rüegg (leader, arranger), John Sass (tuba), Woody Schabata (vibraphone), Roman Schwaller (tenor sax, clarinet), Harry Sokal (soprano sax, tenor sax, flute)

  5. The Missing Brazilians: “Missing Brazilians” from Warzone, On-U Sound, 1984. Crocodile (bass, effects), Kishi (keyboards), The Prisoner (drums)

  6. Six Cylindres En V: “Wao” from Dernier Cri, Ayaa, 1984. Yves Colombain (trombone) Patrick Cuisance (alto sax, flute), Marin Favre (tenor sax, curved soprano sax, baritone sax), Yves Menut (trumpet. flügelhorn, vocals), Antoine Prawerman (alto, bass & soprano clarinet), Jean Marc Sohier (tuba), Benoît Proust (drums, perc.)

  7. Blurt: “Bullets For You” from Bullets For You, Divine, 1984. Pete Creese (guitar), Jake Milton (drums), Ted Milton (saxophone, vocals)

  8. Die Zwei: “45 Boys On the Beach Part 1” from U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!, East West Trading Company, 1984. Gerd Scheuerpflug (vocals, writer), Udo Scheuerpflug (vocals, writer), Günther Linke (voice), Lisaweta Prokofjewna (vocals). Additional tracks: Frieder Butzman (synthesizer, vocoder), Evert Fraterman (drums), Hubert Hohmann (tuba), Imke Nagel (flute), Norbert Nagel (saxophone, flute), Roland Nörpel (trombone), Josef Romesis (trumpet, trombone, flügelhorn)

  9. The Art Of Noise: “Close (To the Edit)” from (Who's Afraid Of)? The Art Of Noise, Island Records/ZTT, 1984. Anne Dudley, Gary Langan, J.J. Jeczalik, Trevor Horn (electronics)

  10. Debile Menthol: “Mieux Vaut D'Ecker” from Battre Champagne, RecRec Music, 1984. Christian G. Addor (keyboards, guitar), Yvan Chkolnix (guitar, vocals), Jean V. Huguenin (strings, guitar), Gilles V. Rieder (drums, vocals), Jean M. Rossel (guitar, vocals), Marie C. Schwab (violin, vocals), Cedric P. Vuille (wind instr., strings, sounds)

  11. Bruce Gilbert: “U, Mu, U” from This Way, Mute, 1984. Bruce Gilbert (music)

  12. Nihilst Spasm Band: “Are You OK Bill? July 21 1984” from 1984, Chimik Communications, 1984. John Clement (guitar), Greg Curnoe (drums, kazoo), Bill Exley (vocals, rhythm machine, whistling), Murray Favro (guitar), Hugh McIntyre (bass), Art Pratten (Prat-a-various)

  13. Officer!: “Spitter's Hooked On Love” from Ossification, Ayaa, 1984. Gerogie Born (cello), Felix Fiedorowicz (bassoon, recorder, strins arr. & comp.), Bill Gilonis (bass), Mick Hobbs (drums, guitar, perc., recorder, vocals), Zeena Parkins (harp), Judy Carter &Catherine Jauniaux (voice), Jussi Karel, Terri Robson, Anne Stokes & Christina Wild (strings) (the credits may differ on other tracks from the album)

  14. John Adams: “Wild Nights” from Harmonium, ECM, 1984. San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (orchestra) San Francisco Symphony Chorus (chorus), Edo De Waart (conductor)

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Disc 4 - Street

"Street" refers to various early rap and hip-hop, and the term points both to the fact that many early rap-singles were released in so-called "street versions" as well as hinting to the music's urban roots. Most of these tracks were single-only, 'though by 1984 we were beginning to see some solid albums as well, notably Run-D.M.C.'s debut.

Download 1984 - Street: Link 1, Link 2 or Link 3.

Stream 1984 - Street:

1984 – Street
  1. L.L. Cool J: “I Need a Beat (Vocal)” from I Need a Beat 12'', Def Jam Recordings, 1984. LL Cool J (vocals), Rick Rubin (production), Burzootie (mix), Herb “Boom Boom” Powers (mastering)

  2. Run-D.M.C.: “It's Like That” from Run-DMC, Profile Records, 1984. Jam Master Jay (percussion, keyboards), Darryl McDaniels “D.M.C.” (vocals), Joseph Simmons “Run” (vocals), Orange Krush (music, composition), Russel Simmons (production), Larry Smith (production), Rudi Hui (engineer)

  3. Fat Boys: “Human Beatbox” from Fat Boys, Sutra, 1984. Prince Markie Dee (vocals), Human Beat Box (beatbox), Kool Rock-Ski (vocals), Kurtis Blow, Art Kass, Charles Stettler (production), Davd Ogrin (engineer), Herb Powers Jr. (engineer). Credits may be different for the rest of the album.

  4. M.C. Flex & The FBI Crew: “Rockin' It” from Rockin' It 12'', Posse Records, 1984. The F.B.I. Crew, Joe Grada, Amos Larkin II, (production), Mark Berry (mixing), Herbie Jr. (mastering)

  1. Rodney O: “Everlasting Bass” from Everlasting Bass 12'', Egyptian Empire, 1984. Rodney O (vocals, production), Joe Cooley (DJ)

  2. Schooly D: “Gangster Boogie” from Gangster Boogie / Maniac 12'', Cut Masters Records, 1984. J.B. Weaver Jr. (production)

  3. UTFO featuring Roxanne: “Roxanne Roxanne” from Roxanne Roxanne 12'', Streetwave, 1984. Full Force (arrangement, production), Quarter Welsh (engineer), Real Roxanne (vocals)

  4. Roxanne Shante: “Roxanne's Revenge” from Roxanne's Revenge 12'', Pop Art Records, 1984. M2 (production), Roxanne Shante (vocals)

  5. Whodini: “Escape (I Need A Break)” from Escape, Jive, 1984. Nigel Green (engineer), Larry Smith (production)

  6. Captain Rock: “Capt. Rock To the Future Shock (Short Version)” from Capt. Rock To the Future Shock 12'', NIA Records, 1984. Taharqa Aleem (production), Tunde-Ra Aleem (production)

  7. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde: “Fast Life” from Fast Life / A.M. P.M. 7'', Profile Records, 1984. Kurtis Blow (production), M2 (co-production), Dave Ogrin (engineer)

  8. High Fidelity Three: “B-Boys Breakdance” from B-Boys Breakdance 12'', Cutting Records, 1984. Jerry Calliste Jr. (production, mixing), Frank Heller (engineer), Amando Marin (executive production, mixing), Herb Powers Jr. (mastering)

  9. The Wreckin Cru feat. Yella: “Slice” feat. Cli-N-Tel from Slice / Kru Groove 12'', Kru-Cut Records, 1984. “Yella” Antonie Carraby (scratches, drums), DJ Clientele Mark Hawkins (vocals), Lonzo Williams (production)

  10. Fantasy Three: “The Buck Stops Here (Vocal)” from Summer / The Buck Stops Here 12'', C.C.L. Records Inc., 1984. Jerry “Hashim” Calliste Jr. (music), Julio Guina (executive production), Aldo Marin (production, mixing), J. Lyon, Scott Noll, T. Garland (engineering)

  11. Chris “The Glove” Taylor & Dave Storrs: “Reckless” feat. Ice-T from Reckless 7'', Polydor, 1984. Ice-T (vocals), Dave Storrs (production), Chris “The Glove” Taylor (production), The Alien Wizard (engineering)

  12. Newcleus: “Jam On It” from Jam On It 7'', Sunnyview Records, 1984. Frank Fair (production), Johnathan Fearing (mixing), Joe Webb (production)

  13. Shahid: “1984 (Future Shock)” from “1984” (Future Shock) 12'', Clockwork Records, 1984. Lloyd E. Coward (executive production), Dave Dachinger (engineering), C.E. McPherson (arr., mixing), R. Andre Perry (executive production)

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