Disc 12 - Jerk

"Jerk" refers to the jerky rhythms of much of the post-punk derived music here, as much as it cheekily mocks the moves that some may have tried to pull off as a way of dancing to it.

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1984 – Jerk

  1. Arto Lindsey & Ambitious Lovers: “Let's Be Adult” from Envy, Editions EG, 1984. Arto Lindsey (guitar, vocals), Peter Scherer (drum programming, DX-7, sampling, synclavier, synth. bass), Reinaldo Fernandes (agogo, drums, repenique, surdo, backing vocals), Anton Fier (Dmx programming), Duncan Lindsay (vocals), M.E. Miller (conga, Dmx, drum programming, drums, tom-tom, backing vocals)

  2. New Order: “Thieves Like Us” from Thieves Like Us 12'', Factory, 1984. Bernard Sumner (guitar, vocals), Peter Hook (bass), Stephen Morris (drums), Gillian Gilbert (synth.), Arthur Baker & New Order (production)

  3. Romeo Void: “A Girl In Trouble (Is a Temporaru Thing) (Dance Mix)” from A Girl In Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing) 12'', Columbia, 1984. Debra Iyall (vocals), Benjamin Bossi (saxophone), Aaron Smith (drums), Peter Woods (guitar), Frank Zincavage (bass)

  4. Scritti Politti: “Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)” from Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) 12'', Virgin/WEA, 1984. Green Gartside (vocals), Robbie Buchanan (synth.), Steve Ferrone (drums), David Frank (synth.), David Gamson (synth.), Paul Jackson Jr. (guitar), Ned Liben (Fairlight Assistance synth.), Fred Maher (synth.), Twantha Agee, B.J Nelson, Fonzi Thornton (backing vocals)

  5. 23 Skidoo: “Fuck You .G.I” from Urban Gamelan, Illuminated Records, 1984. Fritz Catlin (bamboo xylophone, drums, metal perc., perc.), Sketch (bass), Alex Turnbul (bamboo xylophone, bass, metal perc., trumpet), Johnny Turnbull (bass, conga, guitar, jug, kendhang, perc., tapes), The BosweLLs (mixing)

  6. Cirkus Modern: “S/M” from Cirkus Modern, Sonet, 1984. Jørn Christensen (guitar, bass), Helge Gaarder (vocals), Ola Snortheim (drums), Mari Wendelbo (keyboards)

  7. Way Of the West: “City For Lovers” from City For Lovers 7'', MCA Records, 1984. Pete Kearney a.k.a. Pete Carney (guitar, vocals), Dave Bonnefoy (drums, backing vocals), neil Rickarby (bass), Reid Savage (guitar) Probable line-up. No instr. credits on recording.

  8. Charles De Goal: “Technicolor” from Techincolor 7'', New Rose Records, 1984. C. D. G. (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, elec. Drums, piano, synth.), Anne-Marguerite Jacques (synth)

  9. Cabaret Voltaire: “Sensoria (12'' Mix)” from Sensoria 12'', Virgin, 1984. Cabaret Voltaire (production), Eric Random (tabla), Shikisha (backing vocals), Mark Tattersall (perc.)

  10. Shriekback: “Partyline” from Jam Science, Arista, 1984. Dave Allen (bass, vocals), Barry Andrews (keyboards, synth.), Carl Marsh (guitar, drum machine, synth., vocals), Luc Van Acker (guitar), Phil Butcher (bass)

  11. Orchestral Manoeuvers In the Dark: “Tesla Girls” from Junk Culture, Virgin, 1984. Martin Cooper (emulator, saxophone, keyboard, marimba), Malcolm Holmes (drums, elec. drums, perc., drum prog.), Paul Humphreys (vocals, synth., emulator, Korg, piano), Andy McCluskey (vocals, bass, guitar, synth, emulator)

  12. Tones On Tail: “Go (Club Mix)” from Lions / Go 12'', Beggars Banquet, 1984. Daniel Ash, Glenn Campling, Kevin Haskins.

  13. Sonic Architecture: “M-M-M-Manhattan” from M-M-M-Manhattan 12'', Blackmarket, 1984. Bill Buchen, Mary Buchen, Göran Andersson (production). Probable credits.

  14. 400 Blows: “Conscience” from … If I Kissed Her I'd Have to Kill Her First …, Illumintaed Records, 1984. Andrew E. Beer (performer), Robert Taylor (performer), Tony Thorpe (performer)

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