Disc 4 - Street

"Street" refers to various early rap and hip-hop, and the term points both to the fact that many early rap-singles were released in so-called "street versions" as well as hinting to the music's urban roots. Most of these tracks were single-only, 'though by 1984 we were beginning to see some solid albums as well, notably Run-D.M.C.'s debut.

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1984 – Street
  1. L.L. Cool J: “I Need a Beat (Vocal)” from I Need a Beat 12'', Def Jam Recordings, 1984. LL Cool J (vocals), Rick Rubin (production), Burzootie (mix), Herb “Boom Boom” Powers (mastering)

  2. Run-D.M.C.: “It's Like That” from Run-DMC, Profile Records, 1984. Jam Master Jay (percussion, keyboards), Darryl McDaniels “D.M.C.” (vocals), Joseph Simmons “Run” (vocals), Orange Krush (music, composition), Russel Simmons (production), Larry Smith (production), Rudi Hui (engineer)

  3. Fat Boys: “Human Beatbox” from Fat Boys, Sutra, 1984. Prince Markie Dee (vocals), Human Beat Box (beatbox), Kool Rock-Ski (vocals), Kurtis Blow, Art Kass, Charles Stettler (production), Davd Ogrin (engineer), Herb Powers Jr. (engineer). Credits may be different for the rest of the album.

  4. M.C. Flex & The FBI Crew: “Rockin' It” from Rockin' It 12'', Posse Records, 1984. The F.B.I. Crew, Joe Grada, Amos Larkin II, (production), Mark Berry (mixing), Herbie Jr. (mastering)

  1. Rodney O: “Everlasting Bass” from Everlasting Bass 12'', Egyptian Empire, 1984. Rodney O (vocals, production), Joe Cooley (DJ)

  2. Schooly D: “Gangster Boogie” from Gangster Boogie / Maniac 12'', Cut Masters Records, 1984. J.B. Weaver Jr. (production)

  3. UTFO featuring Roxanne: “Roxanne Roxanne” from Roxanne Roxanne 12'', Streetwave, 1984. Full Force (arrangement, production), Quarter Welsh (engineer), Real Roxanne (vocals)

  4. Roxanne Shante: “Roxanne's Revenge” from Roxanne's Revenge 12'', Pop Art Records, 1984. M2 (production), Roxanne Shante (vocals)

  5. Whodini: “Escape (I Need A Break)” from Escape, Jive, 1984. Nigel Green (engineer), Larry Smith (production)

  6. Captain Rock: “Capt. Rock To the Future Shock (Short Version)” from Capt. Rock To the Future Shock 12'', NIA Records, 1984. Taharqa Aleem (production), Tunde-Ra Aleem (production)

  7. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde: “Fast Life” from Fast Life / A.M. P.M. 7'', Profile Records, 1984. Kurtis Blow (production), M2 (co-production), Dave Ogrin (engineer)

  8. High Fidelity Three: “B-Boys Breakdance” from B-Boys Breakdance 12'', Cutting Records, 1984. Jerry Calliste Jr. (production, mixing), Frank Heller (engineer), Amando Marin (executive production, mixing), Herb Powers Jr. (mastering)

  9. The Wreckin Cru feat. Yella: “Slice” feat. Cli-N-Tel from Slice / Kru Groove 12'', Kru-Cut Records, 1984. “Yella” Antonie Carraby (scratches, drums), DJ Clientele Mark Hawkins (vocals), Lonzo Williams (production)

  10. Fantasy Three: “The Buck Stops Here (Vocal)” from Summer / The Buck Stops Here 12'', C.C.L. Records Inc., 1984. Jerry “Hashim” Calliste Jr. (music), Julio Guina (executive production), Aldo Marin (production, mixing), J. Lyon, Scott Noll, T. Garland (engineering)

  11. Chris “The Glove” Taylor & Dave Storrs: “Reckless” feat. Ice-T from Reckless 7'', Polydor, 1984. Ice-T (vocals), Dave Storrs (production), Chris “The Glove” Taylor (production), The Alien Wizard (engineering)

  12. Newcleus: “Jam On It” from Jam On It 7'', Sunnyview Records, 1984. Frank Fair (production), Johnathan Fearing (mixing), Joe Webb (production)

  13. Shahid: “1984 (Future Shock)” from “1984” (Future Shock) 12'', Clockwork Records, 1984. Lloyd E. Coward (executive production), Dave Dachinger (engineering), C.E. McPherson (arr., mixing), R. Andre Perry (executive production)

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