Disc 1 - Soapbox

"Soapbox" may be a word that carries with it both positive and negative connotations, but it is entirely meant as a compliment here. The 80s saw the rise of two of the most divisive political leaders in both the United States and in Britain. Consequently, some of the most intelligent and articulate politically charged music was created during that time. This disc collects some of the best songs in that mold from 1984. (EDIT: The credit for Terry & Gerry went missing the first time around. The track listing with credits should now be correct).

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1984 – Soapbox

  1. Hüsker Dü: “Turn On the News” from Zen Arcade, SST Records, 1984. Grant Hart (drums, lead & backing vocals, perc. Piano), Bob Mould (electric & acoustic guitars, lead & backing vocals, perc., piano), Greg Norton (bass, backing vocals)

  1. Minutemen: “Glory Of Man” from Double Nickels On the Dime, SST Records, 1984. D. Boon (guitar, vocals), George Hurley (drums), Mike Watt (bass, vocals)

  1. Gil Scott-Heron: “Re-Ron” from Re-Reon 12'', Arista, 1984. Gil Scott-Heron (vocals), Aïyb Dieng (cowbell), Anton Fier (DMX), Bill Laswell (DMX), Bernie Worrell (synthesizers, clavinet), Bernard Fowler, D. ST, Shevin Conway, Nicky Skopelitis (chant)

  1. Linton Kwesi Johnson: “Wat About Di Workin' Claas?” from Making History, Island Reords, 1984. Linton Kwesi Johnson (vocals), Dennis Bovell (bass), Everald Forrest (perc.), Paget King (keyboards), John Kpiaye (guitar), Geoffrey Scantlebury (perc.), Nick Straker (synth.), Henry Tenyue (trombone), Patrick Tenyue (trumpet), Tony Utah (perc.)

  1. Persian Gulf: “(I'm So Glad I'm) Living In the Free World” from Changing the Weather EP, Raven, 1984. Chas Chase (drums), Dave House (bass), Hal Shows (guitar, vocals)

  1. Terry & Gerry: “Butter's On The Bread from Butter’s on the Bread EP, Vindaloo Records, 1984. Gerry Colvin (guitar, vocals), Terry Lilley (double bass, vocals), and likely Doreen Deville aka Su Richardson, Su Sonic (washboard, vocals)

  1. Billy Bragg: “It Says Here” from Brewing Up With Billy Bragg, Go! Discs, 1984. Billy Bragg (guitar, vocals). Kenny Craddock (organ on other tracks), Dave Woodhead (trumpet on other tracks)

  1. Big Flame: “Sink” from Sink 7'', Laughing Gun, 1984. Alan Brown (bass, vocals), David “Dil” Green (drums), Greg O'Keeffe (guitar)

  1. Skeleton Crew: “Learn to Talk” from Learn to Talk, Rift/RecRec Music, 1984. Tom Cora (bass, cello, Casio, drums, home-made instr., vocals), Fred Frith (guitar, 6-string bass, violin, Casio, home-made instr., piano, drums, vocals)

  1. The Special AKA: “Racist Friend” from In the Studio, Twin-Tone Records, 1984. John Bradbury (drums), Dick Cuthell (flügelhorn, tenor horn, cornet, piano, bass), Jerry Dammer (organ, piano), Roddy Radiation (guitar), John Shipley (guitar), Stan Campbell (vocals), Rhoda Dakar (vocals), Egidio Newton (vocals), Andy Aderinto (sax on other tracks), Gary McManus (bass on other tracks), Rico Rodriguez (trombone on other tracks)

  1. Saccharine Trust: “The House, the System, the Concrete” from Surviving You, Always, SST Records, 1984. Joe Baiza (guitar), Jack Brewer (vocals), Tony Cicero (drums), Mark Hodson (bass)

  1. Time Zone featuring John Lydon & Afrika Bambaataa: “World Destruction” from World Destruction 12'', Celluloid, 1984. Bill Laswell (bass, drum programming), Nicky Skopelitis (guitar), Aïyb Dieng (perc.), Bernie Worrell (synth.), Afrika Bambaataa (vocals), John Lydon (vocals)

  1. Microdisney: “Love Your Enemies” from 82-84: We Hate You South African Bastards! (a.k.a. 82-84: Love Your Enemies), Rough Trade, re. Between 1982-'84, rel. 1984. Cathal Coughlan (vocals), Sean O'Hagan (guitar), Dave Galvin (drums), Jon Fell (bass), Nick Montgomery (keyboards)

  1. Republika: “Na Barykadach Walka Trwa” from Nieustanne Tango, Polton, 1984. Grzegorz Ciechowski (vocals, piano, keyboards), Slawomir Ciesielski (vocals, perc.), Zbigniew Krzywanski (guitar, vocals), Pawel Kuczynski (bass, vocals)

  1. Artless: “How Much Punk Rock Do You Hear In Russia” from How Much Punk Rock Do You Hear In Russia 7'', The Only Labl In the World, 1984. Mykel Board (vocals), Susan Cummings (bass), David Hahn (drums), John Gamble (guitar), Fred Nadis (trumpet, tuba), Julien Mitzberg (guitar noise, voice)

  1. Last Poets: “Long Enough” from Long Enough 12'', Kee Wee Records, 1984. Jalaluddin Mansur Nuriddin (vocals), H. Young, Roy Leftenant (prod.), Ron Saint Germain (remix, co.prod.), Kee Wee Productions (prod.), Cliff Smalls (arr.), Barry Yearwood (co-prod.)

  1. Flux Of Pink Indians: “For the Love Of Beauty We Created a Beast” from Taking A Liberty 7'', Spiderleg Records, 1984. There is no info on the sleave, but the band at the time appears to have been Colin Birkett (vocals), Kevin Birkett (bass), Kevin Hunter (guitar), Martin Wilson (drums), unkown female (vocals), Barry Sage (engineer)

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