Disc 3 - Rattle vol. 1

"Rattle" refers to various post-punk, post-New Wave and "alternative", rock oriented music that aesthetically and/or economically operated outside the realm of the most popular music of the time. Some may call it "indie". I was hoping to avoid that term. (EDIT: There will b a second volume).

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1984 – Rattle vol. 1
  1. The Replacements: “I Will Dare” from Let It Be, Twin Tone Records, 1984. Chris Mars (drums, tambourine), Bob Stinson (lead guitar), Tommy Stinson (bass), Paul Westerberg (rhtythm guitar, 12-srting guitar, mandolin, vocals), Peter Buck (guitar solo)

  2. The Great Plains: “Black Sox Scandal/What Are You Living On” from Born In a Barn, Homestead Productions, 1984. Dave Green (drums), Ron House (vocals, guitar), Mike Hummel (bass), Mark Wyatt (keyboards, vocals), Matt Wyatt (guitar, vocals)

  3. The Chills: “Doledrums” from Doledrums / Hidden Bay 7'', Flying Nun Records, 1984. Peter Allison (piano, organ), Alan Haig (drums, perc.), Martin Kean (guitar, bass, vocals, perc.), Martin Phillips (guitar, vocals, perc., organ, bass)

  4. Meat Puppets: “Plateau” from Meat Puppets II, SST Records, 1984. Derrick Bostrom (drums), Cris (bass), Curt Kirkwood (guitar, vocals)

  5. The Go-Betweens: “Draining the Pool For You” from Spring Hill Fair, Sire, 1984. Robert Forster (guitar, vocals), Grant McLennan (guitar, vocals), Lindy Morrison (drums), Robert Vickers (bass) with Denis Gautier (trumpet), Marc Fontana (sax), Graeme Pleeth (keyboards, brass & string arr.), Anna Silva (backing vocals)

  6. Yeah Yeah Noh: “Prick Up Your Ears” from Prick Up Your Ears EP, In Tape, 1984. Adrian Crossan (bass), Sue Dorey (perc.), John Grayland (euphonium, guitar), Derek Hammond (vocals)

  7. Half Japanese: “Firecracker” from Sing No Evil, Iridescence Records, 1984. David Fair (perc., backing vocals), Jad Fair (vocals, guitar), John Dreyfuss (sax), Mark Jickling (guitar, bass, backing vocals), Richie LaBrie (drums), Lisa Mednick (el. piano), Margie Moremen (backing vocals), Howard Wuelfing (bass), Paul Watson (trumpet), Pippin Barnett & Jay Spiegel (add. drums), Don Flemming & Rebby Sharp (add. guitar)

  8. Felt: “Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow” from The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories, Cherry Red, 1984. Gary Ainge (drums), Maurice Deebank (guitar), Lawrence Hayward (guitar, vocals), Mick Lloyd (bass)

  9. Salem 66: “Across the Sea” from Across the Sea / Pony Song 7'', Homestead Records, 1984. Judy Grunwald (guitar, vocals), Beth Kaplan (bass, vocals), Susan Merriam (drums), Robert Wilson (guitar, backing vocals)

  10. Sunnyboys: “Love In a Box” from Love In a Box 7'', Mushroom Records, 1984. Richard Burgman (guitar), Steve Harris (keyboards), Jeremy Oxley (guitar, vocals), Peter Oxley (bass)

  11. The Trypes: “The Undertow” from The Explorers Hold, Coyote Records, 1984. John Baumgartner (keyboards), Stanley Demeski (drums, perc.), Marc Francia (guitar, vocals), Glenn Mercer (guitar, vocals, perc.), Bill Million (perc.), Toni Paruta (woodwind, vocals), Brenda Sauter (bass, vocals)

  12. Anna Domino: “Review” from East and West EP, Les Disques de Crépsules, 1984. Anna Domino (guitar, synth., vocals), Luc Van Acker (electronics), Virginia Astley (piano, el. piano, backing vocals), Eric Michiels (horns), Jan Weuts (horns), Jan Parmentier (percussion, tabla), Blaine L. Reiniger (drum programming, violin), Jan Weuts (horns)

  13. The Fall: “Oh, Brother” from Oh! Brother 7'', Beggars Banquet, 1984. Karl Burns (drums), Paul Hanley (drums, keyboards), Stephen Hanley (bass), Craig Scanlon (guitar), Brix Smith (guitar, vocals), Mark E. Smith (vocals)

  14. Shonen Knife: “Flying Jelly Attack” from Yama-no Attchan, Zero, 1984. Ichiya Nakamura (slide guitar), Michie Nakatani (vocals), Atsuko Yamano (drums, background vocals), Naoko Yamano (vocals, guitar)

  15. Let's Active: “Easy Does” from Cypress, I.R.S. Records, 1984. Mitch Easter (guitar, vocals), Faye Hunter (bass), Sara Romweber (drums)

  16. Opal: “Grains Of Sand” from Fell From the Sun EP, Rough Trade, 1984. Keith Mitchell (drums), David Roback (guitar, organ, vocals), Kendra Smith (vocals, bass)

  17. The Wolfgang Press: “Deserve” from Scarecrow 12'', 4AD, 1984. Michael Allen (bass, vocals), Mark Cox (keayboards), Eddie 'Tan Tan' Thriller (trumpet), The Wolfgang Press (drums, perc.)

  18. Deja Voodoo: “Metro Vers L'Enfer” from Cemetary, OG Music, 1984. Tony Dewald (drums), Gerard Van Herk (guitar, vocals)

  19. The Gun Club: “Walking With the Beast” from The Las Vegas Story, Animal Records, 1984. Terry Graham (drums, perc., vocals, maracas), Patricia Morrison (bass, backing vocals maracas), Jeffrey Lee Pierce (vocals, guitar), Kid Congo Powers (guitar, slide guitar)

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