Disc 11 - Groove vol. 1

"Groove" contains, well, groovy music. Soul, R&B and the like. What did you expect?

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1984 – Groove vol. 1

  1. Asford & Simpson: “Solid” from Solid, Capitol Records, 1984. Mickolas Ashford (vocals), Valerie Simpson (vocals, synth.), Francisco Centeno (bass), Vinnie Della-Rocca (saxophone), Sid McGinnis (guitar), Joe Mosello (trumpet), Chris Parker (drums), Jimmy Simpson (perc.), Ed Walsh (synth. Progaramming). Credits for this track only.

  1. Sade: “Smooth Operator” from Diamond Life, Epic, 1984. Sade Adu (vocals), Paul Cooke (drums), Paul S. Denman (bass), Martin Ditcham (perc.), Dave Early (drums, perc.), Andrew Hale (keyboards), Stewart Matthewman (saxophone), Gordon Matthewman (trumpet), Terry Bailey (add. trumpet)

  1. Mtume: “Prime Time” from You, Me and He, Epic, 1984. James Mtume (keyboards, vocals), Tawatha (guitar, vocals), Steve Becker (drums), Clarence Brice (guitar), Gary Cooper (backing vocals), Philip Field (keyboards, backing vocals), Raymond Jackson (bass, backing vocals), Curt Jones (guitar, backing vocals), Kevin Robinson (guitar, backing vocals), Ira Siegel (rhythm guitar), Frank Elmo, Jimmy Heath & Stan Harrison (horns), Bernie Worell, David Frank & Dunn Pearson (add. Synth.), Angel Colon & Kirth Atkin (scratching)

  1. Chaka Khan: “I Feel For You” from I Feel For You, Warner Bros., 1984. Chaka Khan (vocals), Steve Ferrone (drums), David Frank (keyboards, synth., DMX prog.), Paul Pesco (guitar), Philippe Saisse (synth.). Credits for this track only.

  1. Jocelyn Brown: “Somebody Else's Guy” from Somebody Else's Guy 7'', Liberation Records, 1984. Jocelyn Brown (vocals). No other credits available.

  1. Force M.D.'s: “Let Me Love You” from Love Letters, Tommy Boy Music, 1984. Antoine Lundy, Rodney Lundy, Stevie D. Lundy, Mercury Nelson & Trisco Pearson (vocals). Lengthy credits list available at Allmusic.com.

  1. The Temptations: “Treat Her Like a Lady” from Treat Her Like a Lady / Isn't the Night Fantastic 7'', Motown/Gordy, 1984. Melvin Franklin (vocals), Richard Street (vocals), Ron Tyson (vocals), Otis Williams (vocals), Ali-Ollie Woodson (vocals, keyboards). No other credits available.

  1. Thelma Houston: “You Used To Hold Me So Tight” from Qualifying Heat, MCA Records, 1984. Thelma Houston (vocals). David Eiland (saxophone), Jimmy Jam (synth., drum prog., backing vocals, production), Terry Lewis (bass, guitar, backing vocals, production). Monte Moir (drum prog., guitar, backing vocals), Lucia Newell & Gwedndolyn Taylor (backing vocals). Credits for this track only.

  1. Teddy Pendergrass with Whitney Houston: “Hold Me” from Love Language, Asylum Records, 1984. Whitney Houston (vocals), Teddy Pendergrass (vocals). Lengthy credits list available atAllmusic.com.

  1. Rose Royce: “Magic Touch” from Magic Touch 12'', C&R Records, 1984. Ricci Benson (vocals), Kenji Brown (backing vocals), Kenny Copeland (trumpet, vocals), Robert Daniels (backing vocals), Freddie Dunn (trumpet), Bobby Eli (guitar), Henry Garner (drums), Laquient Jobe (bass), Bryan Loren (Emulator, keyboards), Grant McAvoy (drum prog.), Walter McKinne (guitar), Michael Moore (saxophone), Michael Nash (keyboards)

  1. Kid Creole & the Coconuts: “My Male Curiosity” from My Male Curiosity 7'', Atlantic, 1984. August Darnell (vocals, composer). No other credits available.

  1. Ollie & Jerry: “Breakin'... There's No Stopping Us Now” fromBreakin'... There's No Stopping Us 12'', Polydor, 1984. Ollie Brown (vocals, drums, production), Jerry Knight (bass, vocals), John Jellybean Benitez (mixing), Jhn Dougherty (mixing)

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Disc 10 - Rattle vol. 2

Rattle vol. 2 continues where Rattle left off.

Download 1984 - Rattle vol. 2: Link 1, Link 2 or Link 3.

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1984 – Rattle vol. 2

  1. The Tall Dwarfs: “The Brain That Wouldn't Die” from Slugbuckethairybreathmonster EP, Flying Nun Records, 1984. Alec Bathgate (bass, guitar, vocals), Chris Knox (guitar, keyboards, loops, vocals)

  1. The DoubleHappys: “Others Way” from Double B-Side 7'', Flying Nun Records, 1984. Shayne Carter (vocals, guitar), john Collie (drums), Wayne Elsey (bass)

  1. The Things: “I Won't Be There” from Coloured Heaven, Voxx, 1984. Steven Crabtree (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Roy Mconald (drums, perc.), Pete Rouch (bass, vocals), Andre Garcia (guitar)

  1. The Wild Flowers: “Melt Like Ice” from The Joy of It All, Reflex Records, 1984. David Atherton (guitar, keyboards), Neal Cook (vocals, guitar), David Fisher (drums), David Newton (guitar), Peter Waldron (bass), Firker (brass), Tate (brass)

  1. The Verlaines: “Pyromaniac” from 10 O'Clock in the Afternoon, Flying Nun Records, 1984. Jane Dodd (bass, organ, backing vocals), Graeme Downes (guitar, oboe, violin, vocals), Robbie Yates (drums, perc.)

  1. The Fleshtones: “Hall of Fame” from American Beat '84 12'', I.R.S., 1984. Peter Zaremba (vocals, harmonica, perc.), Keith Streng (guitar, vocals), Bill Milhizer (drums), Jan Marek Pakulski (bass), Gordon Spaeth (organ, harmonica, saxophone)

  1. Katarina II: “Vrt” from Katarina II, ZKP RTVL, 1984. Milan Mladenovic (guitar, vocals), Dragomir Mihailovic (guitar), Bojan Pecar (bass), Margita Stefanovic (keyboards, vocals), Ivan Vdovic (drums, perc.), Mario Celik (congas)

  1. The Bats: “By Night” from By Night 12'', Flying Nun Records, 1984. Malcolm Grant (drums), Paul Kean (bass, backing vocals), Robert Scott (vocals, guitar, piano), Kaye Woodward (guitar, 12-string guitar, vocals)

  1. The Wind: “You'll Never Live Before Your Time” from The Guest of the Staphs EP, Cheft Records, 1984. Lane Steinberg (guitar, vocals), Steven Katz (bass, vocals), Steven Burdick (drums)

  1. The Young Fresh Fellows: “This Little Mystery” from The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest, PopLlama, 1984. Chuck Carroll (guitar, vocals), Tad Hutchinson (drums), Sled McCaughey (bass, vocals)

  1. The Pandoras: “It's About Time” from It's About Time, Voxx Records, 1984. Bambi Conway (bass, backing vocals), Casey Gomez (drums), Gwynne Kelly (organ, backing vocals), Paula Pierce (lead vocals, guitar)

  1. The Reverbs: “Envisions Seven Seeds” from The Happy Forest, Enigma Records/Metro America, 1984. Eric Menck (performer), John Brabeck (performer)

  1. The Rip: “The Holy Room” from A Timeless Peace, Flying Nun Records, 1984. Alastair Galbraith (guitar, vocals), Jeff Harford (drums), Robbie Muir (bass)

  1. Television Personalities: “The Painted Word” from The Painted Word, Illuminated Records, 1984. Dan Treacy (vocals), Mark Flunder (bass), Joseph James Foster (guitar), Mark Sheppard (drums)

  1. Klaus Mitffoch: “Siedzi” from Siedzi / Tutaj Wesolo 7'', Tonpress, 1984. Lech Janerka (bass, vocals), Wojtek Konikiewicz (keyboards), Wiesiek Mrozik (guitar), Krysztof Pociecha (guitar), Marek Puchala (drums)

  1. The Pogues: “Boys From the County Hell” from Red Roses For Me, WEA International, 1984. James Fearnley (accordion), Jem Finer (banjo), Shane MacGowan (vocals, guitar), Cait O'Riordan (bass), Andrew Ranken (drums), Spider Stacy (tin whistle)

  1. Thee Milkshakes: “I'm Needing You” from They Came, They Saw, They Conquered, Big Beat Records, 1984. John Agnew (bass), Bruce Brand (drums, vocals), Billy Childish (guitar, vocals), Micky Hampshire (guitar, vocals)

  1. Kino: Последний герой (The Last Hero) from Nachalnik Kamchatki, Moroz Records, 1984. Viktor Tsoi (vocals, guitar), Igor Butman (saxophone), Vsevolod Gakkel (cello, drums), Boris Grebenschchikov (drum machine, keyboards), Georgii Gur'yanov (perc.), Yurii Kasparyan (guitar), Sergey Kuryokhin (keyboards), Aleksandr Titov (bass, perc.), Petr Troshchenkov (perc.)

  1. Dzeltenie Pastnieki: “Hercogienes dziesma” from Alise, Ingus Bauskenieka ieraksti, 1984. (no credits available)

  1. Echo & the Bunnymen: “The Killing Moon” from Ocean Rain, Korova/Sire, 1984. Pete De Freitas (drums), Ian McCulloch (vocals), Les Pattison (bass), Adam Peters (piano, cello), Will Sergeant (lead guitar)

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