Disc 9 - Dust

"Dust" collects music that by history, origin, connotation (or, in a few instances, joke) is associated with the more rural parts of society. You say there's dust in cities too? Hogwash!

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1984 – Dust

  1. Los Lobos: “I Got Loaded” from How Will the Wolf Survive, Slash Records, 1984. Alex Acuna (perc.), Steve Berlin (harmonica, perc., baritone sax., soprano sax., tenor sax.), T-Bone Burnett (guitar, organ), David Hidalgo (accordion, bass, guitar, lap steel guitar, perc., vocals), Conrad Lozano (bass, guitar, guitarron, vocals), Louie Pérez (drums, guitar, quinto), Cesar Rosas (bajo sexto, guitar, mandolin, vocals), Oscar Rosas (banjo, guitar, mandolin, vocals)

  2. The Del-Lords: “How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live” from Frontier Days, EMI America, 1984. Eric Ambel (guitar, vocals), Manny Caiati (bass, vocals), Frank Funaro (drums, vocals), Scott Kempner (guitar, vocals)

  3. Blaze Foley: “Oval Room” from Blaze Foley, Vital Records, 1984. Blaze Foley (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Roger Clark (drums), Cal Freeman (steel guitar), Clayton Ivey (keyboards), Gurf Morlix (bass), John Willis (guitar, mandolin)

  4. John Prine: “Aimless Love” from Aimless Love, Oh Boy, 1984. John Prine (guitar, vocals) (The credits lists over twenty musician. I can't be bothered to write down all of them. See e.g. here for one list).

  5. Rank and File: “Saddest Girl In the World” from Long Gone Dead, Slash Records, 1984. Chip Kinman (vocals, guitar, harmonica, six string bass), Tony Kinman (bass, vocals), Peter Grant (pedal steel guitar, slide guitar, autoharp, banjo), Stan Lynch (drums, perc.), Jeff Ross (guitar)

  6. John Anderson: “Chicken Truck” from Chicken Truck 7'', Warner Bros., 1984. John Anderson (guitar, vocals). No other credits listed.

  7. Christine Lavin: “Cold Pizza for Breakfast” from Future Fossils, Palindrome Records, 1984. Christine Lavin (acoustic guitar, vocals), Mark Dann (bass, guitar, 12 string guitar, synth.), Paul Kaplan (harmonica), Andy Teirstein viola), Howie Wyeth (drums)

  8. George Strait: “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” from Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind, MCA Records, 1984. George Strait (vocals, guitar), Eddie Bayers (drums), Larry Byrom (guitar), Hank DeVito (steel guitar), Johnny Gimble (fiddle, mandolin), John Hobbs (keyboards), David Hungate (bass), Weldon Myrick (steel guitar), Randy Scruggs (steel guitar), Curtis Young (backing vocals), Reggie Young (guitar)

  9. John Fahey: “Sunset on Prince George's County” from Let Go, Varrick, 1984. John Fahey (guitar), Terry Robb (bass, bottleneck guitar, guitar)

  10. The Judds: “Mama He's Crazy” from Why Not Me, RCA/Curb Records, 1984. Naomi Judd (vocals), Wynona Judd (vocals), Eddie Bayers (drums), Mark Casstevens (guitar, harmonica), Sonny Garrish (dobro, steel guitar), Bobby Ogdin (piano), Don Potter (guitar), Gene Sisk (piano), Jack Williams (bass)

  11. The Del Fuegos: “I Should Be the One” from The Longest Day, London Records, 1984. Brent “Woody” Giessmann (drums, vocals), Tom Lloyd (bass, vocals), Dan Zanes (lead vocals, guitar), Warren Zanes (guitar), Jorge Bermudez (perc.), Mitchell Froom (keyboards)

  12. The Long Ryders: “Run Dusty Run” from Native Sons, Frontier Records, 1984. Des Brewer (bass, vocals), Sid Griffin (autoharp, bugle, guitar, harmonica, vocals), Steve McCarthy (banjo, guitar, steel guitar, keyboards, mandolin, vocals), Gerg Sowders (drums, perc., vibraphone), Tom Steven (bass, vocals), Gene Clark (guest vocals), Phil Kenzie (baritone sax., tenor sax.), Dave Pearlman (steel guitar, guitar)

  13. The Blasters: “Blue Shadows” from I Can Dream About You / Blue Shadows split 7'' w/ Dan Hartman, MCA Records, 1984. Dave Alvin (guitar), Phil Alvin (guitar, vocals), Bill Bateman (drums), John Bazz (bass). (Unknown piano player, likely Gene Taylor).

  14. Reba McEntire: “How Blue” from My Kind of Country, MCA Records, 1984. Reba McEntire (vocals). (Long-winded credits list can be found here).

  15. Ferron: “As Soon As I Find My Shoes I'm Gone” from Shadows on a Dime, Lucy Records, 1984. Ferron (acoustic guitar, vocals), Glen Hendrickson (drums), Brian Newcombe (bass), Dave Pikell (synth.), Brent Shindell (guitar), Adrienne Torf (synth.), Willow Wray (backing vocals), Brett Wade (guitar). Credits fro this track only.

  16. T-Bone Burnett: “Strange Combination” from Behind the Trap Door EP, Demon Records, 1984. T-Bone Burnett (guitar, vocals), Alex Acuna, Steve Berlin Stephen Burton, Reggie Fisher, David Kemper, David Mansfield, David Miner, Billy Swan (listed as unspecified “musicians” only)

  17. Nick Lowe: “Half a Boy and Half a Man” from Nick Lowe and His Cowboy Outfit, F-Beat, 1984. Nick Lowe (bass, guitar, vocals), Martin Belmont (guitar), Paul Carrack (keyboards, backing vocals), Bobby Irwin (drums, backing vocals). Additional musicians appear on other tracks.

  18. Cub Koda: “That's What I Like About The South” from That's What I Like About the South, Lolita, 1984. Cub Koda (guitar, vocals). No other credits available.

  19. Ricky Skaggs: “Country Boy” from Country Boy, Epic, 1984. Ricky Skaggs (fiddle, guitar, mandolin, violin, vocals), Eddie Bayers (drums), Bruce Burton (pedal steel guitar), Molly Bright (vocals), Dennis Burnside (piano), Jese Chambers (bass), Buddy Emmons (pedal steel guitar), George Grantham (drums), Lloyd Green (pedal steel guitar), Bobby Hicks (fiddle), Bill Monroe (mandolin), Joe Osborn (bass), Lou Reid (banjo, vocals), Gary W. Smith (piano), Crom Tidwell (kazoo), Buck White (piano)

  20. Nanci Griffith: “Spin On a Red Brick Floor” from Once in a Very Blue Moon, Philo Records, 1984. Nanci Griffith (acoustic guitar, vocals), Pat Alger (guitar, hi-string guitar), john Catchings (cello), Phil donnely (bird calls, guitar, sound effects), Stephen Doster (guitar), Béla Fleck (banjo), Denice Franke (vocals), Lloyd Green (dobro, pedal steel guitar), Mark Howard (guitar), Roy Husky (bass, upright bass), Lyle Lovett (vocals), Kenny Malone (drums, perc.), Terry McMillan (harmonica), Mark O'Connor (fiddle, mandola, mandolin, piccolo mandolin, violin), Raplh Vitello (piano, synth.)

  21. Vømmøl Spellemannslag: “Gravølet” from Vømmølåret, Plateselskapet AS, 1984. Hans “Kristian Schravlevold” Rotmo (vocals, lurk, fiddle), Hans “Konrad Vømmølbakken” Løkken (mandolin, saxophone, backing vocals), Leiv “Birger Skruddusvingen” Prestvik (bass, backing vocals), Geir “Peder Storvømmølvold” Solheim (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Carl Haakon Waadeland (drums), Tor Evensen (various inst.), Alf Erik Skille (keyboards)

  22. MDC: “Chicken Squawk” from Millions Of Dead Children 7'' a.k.a. Chicken Squawk 7'', R Radical Records / Twisted Chords, 1984. No credits listed.

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