Disc 8 - Breaks vol. 1

"Breaks" refers to what was called electro in the 80s. Hip-hop oriented beats and music, but without the raps (usually).

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1984 – Breaks vol. 1

  1. Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown: “Unity Part 1 (The Third Coming)” from Unity 12'', Tommy Boy Music, 1984. Afrika Bambaataa (vocals, production), James Brown (vocals), Brian Banks (synth.), Chops (horns), Robin Halpin (synth.), Keith LeBlanc (drums), Skip McDonald (guitar), Anthony Marinelli (synth), Doug Wimbish (bass)

  2. Herbie Hancock: “Metal Beat” from Sound System, Columbia, 1984. Herbie Hancock (keyboards, production), D. ST. (turntables), Aiyb Dieng (perc.), Hamid Drake (perc.), Anton Fier (drums, Dmx programming), Bernard Fowler (voice), Henry Kaiser (guitar), Toshinori Kondo (trumpet), Bill Laswell (bass, Dmx programming), Daniel Ponce (perc.), Wayne Shorter (saxophone, lyricon), Nicky Skopelitis (guitar), Foday Musa Suso (xylophone, kora, kalimba)

  3. DST And Jalaludin M Nuriddin: “Mean Machine” from Mean Machine 12'', Celluloid, 1984. D. ST. (production), Material (ass. Production)

  4. Knights Of The Turntable: “Techno Scratch” from Techno Scratch 12'', JDC Records Inc. Jim Callon (production, engineer), Charles Lamont (keyboards)

  5. Egyptian Lover: “Egypt Egypt” from On the Nile, Egyptian Empire Records, 1984. Egyptian Lover (production, programming, synth., voice), Hanky Doing Panky (synth.)

  6. File 13: “Tastes So Good” from Taste So Good 12'', Profile Records, 1984. Double Dee (engineer, mixing), Arthur Ether (mixing), Dave Ogrin (engineer)

  7. World Class Wreckin' Cru: “Surgery” from Surgery 12'', Kru-Cut Records, 1984. Cli-N-Tel (voice), Donovan (engineer), Dr. Dre (scratching), Daniel Sofer (Dmx programming, keyboards)

  8. John Davis & Too Much: “Destination Earth” from Destination Earth, Metrovynil Records, 1984. John Davis (perfomer), Fred Fiore (production). No other credits listed.

  9. Pretty" Tony: “Jam the Box” fromJam the Box 12'', Music Specialists, 1984. “Pretty” Tony (production, mixing), Sherman Nealy (production)

  10. C-Jam & Kid Frost: “Commando Rock” from Command Rock 12'', Baja Records, 1984. Allen “The Lefty” Perada (music, scratching, production), Sniper (guitar), Dave Storrs (keyboards, production), Alien wizard (music)

  11. Megatwa Fatman: “Pants Too Tight” from Pants Too Tight 12'', Critique, 1984. Joe Carvello (mixing), Bill McKinney (production), Eric Morgeson (mixing, engineer)

  12. Unknown DJ & 3D: “Beatronic” from Beatronic 12'', Techno Hop Records, 1984. (Louis King (production), Andre Manuel (production)

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