Disc 6 - Jangle vol. 1

"Jangle" refers to up-beat, mostly undistorted guitar pop with a firm back beat. "But some of this could have fitted on the Rattle disc", you say. Oh, you do like to quibble, don't you.

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1984 – Jangle vol. 1

  1. Aztec Camera: “Still On Fire” from Knife, WEA/Sire, 1984. Roddy Frame (guitar, vocals), Martin Drover (trumpet), Guy Fletcher (keyboards, backing vocals), Campbell Owens (bass, backing vocals), Frank Ricotti (perc.), Malcolm Ross (guitar, backing vocals), David Ruffy (drums, backing vocals), Chris White (saxophone)

  2. dB's: “Lonely Is As Lonely Does” from Like This, Bearsville, 1984. Gene Holder (guitar, bass, keyboards), Peter Holsapple (guitar, mandolin, keyboards, vocals), Will Rigby (drums, perc., keyboards, vocals), Patrick Irwin (keyboards), Mark Tomeo (steel guitar), Rick Wagner (keyboards)

  3. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions: “Speedboat” from Rattlesnakes, Polydor, 1984. Neil Clark (guitar, acoustic guitar), Lloyd Cole (guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals), Blair Cowan (keyboards), Lawrence Donegan (bass), Stephe Irvine (drums, perc.)

  4. The Daintees: “Trouble Town” from Trouble Town 7'', Kitcheware Records, 1984. Martin Stephenson (guitar, vocals), Sam Brown (backing vocals). No other credits listed.

  5. The Smiths: “William, It Was Really Nothing” from William, It Was Really Nothing 12'', Rough Trade, 1984. Mike Joyce (drums), Johnny Marr (guitar), Morrissey (vocals), Andy Rourke (bass)

  6. Kirsty MacColl: “A New England” from A New England 7'', Stiff Records, 1984. Kirsty MacColl (vocals) No other credits listed.

  7. Hoodoo Gurus: “Tojo” from Stoneage Romeos, Big Time, 1984. James Baker (drums), Clyde Bramley (bass, vocals), Dave Faulkner (guitar, lead vocals, keyboards), Michael Farmer (additional perc.)

  8. The Go-Go's: “Head Over Heels” from Talk Show, I.R.S. Records, 1984. Charlotte Caffey (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Belinda Carlisle (vocals), Gina Schock (drums), Kathy Valentine (bass, guitar, vocals), Jane Wieldin (guitar, vocals)

  9. Any Trouble: “Old Before Your Time” from Wrong End Of the Race, Stiff Records, 1984. Phil Barnes (bass, saxophone, vocals), Clive Gregson (guitar, vocals), Steve Gurl (keyboards), Martin Hughes (drums, perc., vocals), Chris Parks (guitar), Billy Bremner (guitar, vocals), Alan Dunn (accordion, violin), Andy Ebsworth (drums) Ian Matthews (vocals), Gavin Sutherland (vocals), Ian Sutherland (vocals), Richard Thompson (guitar, vocals), Bobby Valentino (violin)

  10. Tracy Ullman: “You Caught Me Out” from You Caught Me Out, Stiff Records, 1984. Tracy Ullman (vocals), Steve Bloomfield, Robin Bolt ,B.J. Cole, John Canham, Stewart Curtis, Pandit Dinesh, Graham Edwards, Simon Edwards, Dion Estus, Richard Evans, Jakko, Dave Land, Judd Lander, Roger McKew, Charlie Morgan, Mark Nevin, Joe Partridge, Fred Percer, Gavin Povey, Andy Richards, Don Snow, Doug Tayor, Geraint Watkins, Paul Westwood, Paul 'Wix' Wickens, Terry Williams, Chris Wyles (musicians, unspecified), Margot Buchanan, Peter Collins, Mandy Dickinson, Kay Garner, Ruby James, Katie Kissoon, Shirley Lewis, Kirsty MacColl, Allison Thomas, Joy Yates (backing vocals)

  11. Julie Brown: “'Cause I'm A Blonde” from Goddess In Progress EP, Rhino, 1984. Julie Brown (vocals), Steve Appel (drums), Craig Berkinshaw (drums), Craig Hull (guitar), Dan Grenier (guitar), Kevin McCormack (bass), Chris Mostert (saxophone), Sterling Smith (keyboards, synth.), Jeff Steele (bass), Steven Thoma (keyboards, synth.), Nancy Bouche, Lorraine Feather, Linda Lawley, Leslie Livrano (backing vocals)

  12. Soda Stereo “Por Qué No Puedo Ser Del Jet-Set?” from Soda Stereo, Discos CBS, 1984. Charlie Alberti (drums), Zeta Bosio (bass, backing vocals), Gustavo Cerati (guitar, vocals), El Gonzo (saxophone), Daniel Molero (keyboards)

  1. The Jazz Butcher: “Girlfriend” from A Scandal In Bohemia, Glass Records, 1984. The Jazz Butcher/Pat Fish (vocals, guitar), David J (bass, vocals), Max Eider (guitar, vocals), Owen Jones (drums, vocals)

  2. Spongetones: “(My Girl) Maryanne” from Torn Apart, Ripete Record, 1984. Jamie Hoover (guitar, vocals), Steve Stoeckel (bass, vocals, guitar), Rob Thorne (drums, perc.), Pat Walters (guitar, vocals, keyboard)

  3. Dwight Twilley: “Girls” from Jungle, EMI America, 1984. Dwight Twilley (vocals, guitar, piano, backing vocals), Tom Petty (vocals), Susan Cowsill (backing vocals), Mike Baird (drums), Steve Forman (perc.), Craig Krampf (drums), Kenny Lewis (bass), Mike Campbell, Buzzy Feiten, John Hug, Craig Hull, Roger Linn, Jimmy May, Bill Pitcock IV, Sandy Stein, Richie Zito (guitar on unspecified tracks), Michael Boddicker, Steve Goldstein, George Michalski, Alan Pasqua, Barry Trop (keyboards on unspecified tracks)

  4. The Bangles: “Silent Treatment” from All Over The Place, Columbia, 1984. Susanna Hoffs (guitar, vocals), Debbi Peterson (drums, vocals), Vicki Peterson (guitar, vocals), Michael Steele (bass, vocals)

  5. X-Teens: “All Day Long” from Love And Politics, Dolphin, 1984. Robert Bittle (guitar, vocals), Todd Jones (keyboards, vocals), Kitty Moses (bass, vocals), Ned Robie (drums)

  6. Prefab Sprout: “Cruel” from Swoon, Kitchenware Records, 1984. Martin McAloon (bass, vocals), Paddy McAloon (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Wendy Smith (guitar, vocals), Grant Lant (drums)

  7. Tommy Keene: “Places That Are Gone” from Places That Are Gone EP, Dolphin Records, 1984. Tommy Keene (guitar, vocals), Billy Connely (guitar, vocals), Ted Niceley (bass), Doug Tull (drums)

  8. Style Council: “Headstart For Happiness” from Café Bleu, Polydor, 1984. Mick Talbot (clavinet, keyboards, organ, piano, synth., bass, vocals), Paul Weller (guitar, vocals, bass, flute, synth.), Chris Bostock (bass, double bass), Billy Chapman (saxophone), D.C. Lee (vocals), Hilary Seabrook (tenor sax.), Barbara Snow (trumpet), Tracey Thorn (vocals), Bobby Valentino (violin), Ben Watt (guitar), Peter Wilson (double bass, drum programming, drums)

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